7-7-2013 Boulder Sunday Championship

July 7 2013


Projected as a possible winner from Day One, Team Mizuno Miken defeated the IL Beverly Bandits, another pre-tournament favorite 4-1 to advance to the Championship round of this closely competed exposure tournament.  The Next Level and San Jose Sting were competing in the other semifinal.  In the championship, Team Mizuno defeated San Jose Sting 9-0.


The third round had not been completed by the time Spy posted late Saturday night, so today’s coverage begins there.  The 3rd round to the final featured many of the best travel ball teams in the country.  Most will compete again  in the Premier Girls Fastpitch tournament in Orange County.


Upper Bracker 3rd Round:

Team Mizuno 13. SD Breakers 4 (7 hrs by Mizuno)
Tulsa Shootout 5, MO  Zephyrs 2
NJ Intensity KOD 2. LA Voodoo 0
Nebraska Gold 6, CA Lady Magic 2
CA Batbusters 4, Washington Ladyhawks 0
IL Chill 3, Firecrackers Snyder 1
USA Athletics 6, NC Cardinals 4
IL Beverly Bandits 5, CA AASA 0


Lower Bracket 3rd Round:
AZ Hotshots KH 5, So Cal A’s 2
The Next Level 4, RI Thunder 2
PA Chaos 6, IN Magic 0
CA Explosion 7, Batbusters Fox 2
East Cobb Bullets 1, Sorcerer 0
Corona Angels Marty 3, TX Aces Express 2
San Jose Sting 10, NL Lightning 7
Team No Florida 5, CA Grapettes 2


Upper Bracket 5th Round
Team Mizuno 10, Tulsa Shootout 0
Nebraska Gold 6, NJ Intensity KOD 2
CA Batbusters 9, IL Chill 0
Beverly Bandits 7, USA Athletics 1


Lower Bracket 5th Round:

The Next Level 5, AZ Hotshots KH 2
CA Explosion 5, PA Chaos 0
Corona Angels Marty 3, EC Bullets 2
San Jose Sting 6, Team No Florida 3


Upper Bracket Round 6
Team Mizuno 6, Nebraska Gold 1
Beverly Bandits 11, CA Batbusters 0

Lower Bracket Round 6
The Next Level 2, CA Explosion 1
San Jose Sting 5, Corona Angels Marty 3

Round 7
Team Mizuno 4, Beverly Bandits 1
San Jose Sting defeated The Next Level


Team Mizuno 9, San Jose Sting 0


Beverly Bandits 16U defeated TN Fury 8-1 to win the 16U Championship.



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