7-9-2011 USA Splits in Canada


Scotiabank Canadian Open Fastpitch Women’s


Official Game Scores


Game Team Score Team Score Status GameDate
WE-4  Venezuela Elite  1  China Nanjing University 8 F 2011-07-09
WE-3  China Nanjing University  7  Renegades Elite 0 F 2011-07-09
WE-2  California A’s  7  Venezuela Elite 2 F 2011-07-09
WE-1  White Rock Renegades  3  California A’s 4 F 2011-07-09
WI-4  Team Japan  1  Team USA 0 F 2011-07-09
WI-3  Team Canada  8  Team Venezuela 1 F 2011-07-09
WI-2  Team USA  5  Team Australia 0 F 2011-07-09
WI-1  Team Australia  9  Team Venezuela 5 F 2011-07-09

 JAPAN 1, USA 0 (9)
Japan scored bottom 9th.  Kageyama, the ITB runner, scores on bases loaded single by Sakamoto.  Keilani Ricketts took loss as USA was outhit 6-3.  Someya was the winner for a team which included some veterans from Japan’s 2008 Gold medal Olympic team, like Yamada, Mine, Someya etc.

WP Jordan Taylor, LP Parnaby. Whitney Canion pitched the last three innings. Cochran, Schutte, May-Jophnson and Holcombe rbi’s.  Moultrie tripled, scored twice, including first run on error.  Cochran, May-Johnson and Arioto scored in 3rd.  Moultrie scored final run in 4th.

USA plays venezuela

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