7-9-2012 Canadian Open Fastpitch Finals

Canadian Fastpitch Open Finals
July 9 2012

Australia 7, Canada 0
Australia wins Bronze
California A’s win Women’s Elite
3-2 over Great Britain
Worth Firecrackers  win Futures Gold

Championship  Gold Medal
USA vs Japan (v) The 375th game.  Japan isdefending champion.
(Spy back in the press box for a final game)

Top 1st:  Kawano hit the second pitch into left field    Nishiyama sacrificed.  Okubo  put out at 1st by Arioto.  Yamada ground to Molly Johnson at short.  Bottom:   Moultrie (LF) ground to short.  Taylor(DP) beat out a bouncer to 3rd. S Johnson (3rd)  hit to short, 6-4-3 double play.

Top 2nd: Japan down in order. Mine flied to right. Sakamoto grounded out.  Iwabuchi  struck out.  Bottom:  Cochran (RF) worked the first 3-2 count, grounded to 1st.  Arioto (1st) fanned.  Fischer (CF) dropped a single into right field.  M Johnson hbp.  Gibson (2nd)  put out at 1st on a tapper.

Top 3rd: Suzuki singled, advanced on sacrifice by Soma, went to 3rd on groundout by Kawano.  Nishiyama reached.  Okubo ground out.  Japan now had 3 hits, all stranded.  Bottom:  Holcombe (catcher) grounded to 2nd.  Moultrie grounded to 1st. Taylor hit back to the pitcher.

Top 4th:  Yamada looked at a third strike.  Mine, the formidable Japanese catcher, flied out to Moultrie in left.  Sakamoto lined to M Johnson at short.   Bottom:  S Johnson flied to right.   Cochran beat out a close play at 1st, the third USA hit.  Arioto flied high to center.  Fischer ay bat, Cochran stole 2nd, popped high to the catcher Mine at the fence,

Top 5th: Pinch hitter Haruko Fujino singled to left.  Suzuki flied deep to right.  Soma sacrificed.  Kawano doubled to left, drving in Iwabuchi with the first run of the game.  Kawano went to 3rd on a passed ball.  Nishiyama singled up the middle, rbi, Kawano scored.  Jordan Taylor relieved Ricketts.  Okubo walked.  Yamada doubled to right center, driving in two runs.  Mine popped to 3rd.  Bottom:  The USA has not trailed since the first game against Venezuela.  M Johnson  popped to 1st.  Gibson singled to right, the fourth USA hit.  Holcombe was hbp.  Moultrie out at 1st.  Runners at 2nd and 3rd.  Pinch hitter Chidester (Taylor) grounded to short.

Top 6th:  Sakamoto flied deep to center.  Iwabuchi fanned.  Suzuki flied deep to right.  Bottom: S Johnson singled to right, advanced to 2nd on throwing error.  Cochran tripled to center, rbi.  Arioto  hbp.  Runners at the corners.  Fischer, now playing shortstop, flied deep to center.  M Johnson struck out.  Gibson jacked a three run homer, tying the game.  Each team now had 7 hits. Holcombe ground out.

Top 7th: Chelsea Thomas now pitching.  Soma walked.  Kawano hit into  a fielder’s choice, forcing Kawano.

Iwabuchi grounded to Thomas.  Okubo walked.  Yamada , two on, grounded to 3rd.  Bottom:  flied to short. R. Taylor singled down the left field line.  S Johnson  at bat, Taylor was caught stealing 2nd.  Johnson flied deep to center.

Top 8th:  ITB in force. Two out, Suzuk I singled right through S Johnson’s leg, rbi.  Bases loaded, two out, Kawano singled to left, 2 rbi.  Japan 7-4. Ricketts returned to USA circle.  Nishiyama singled, rbi.  Okubo singled, rbi.  9-4.  Japan now had 10 hits. Yamada walked. Bases loaded.  Pinch hitter Furuka   linrd to Ricketts.  Bottom:  S Johnson on 2nd.  Cochran flied to 2nd.  Arioto, the leading US hitter, looked at a third strilke.  Fischer blasted a 2-run homer.  M Johnson reached on a fielding error ay 3rd.  Gibson. Whose homer tied the game at 4-4, singled hard to left.  Shults, pinch hitting  for Holcombe, worked a 3-2 count. Walked, loading the bases.  Down 9-6, Moultrie flied deep yo right center.

Japan repeats as champion of the anadian Open.



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