8-12-10 ESPN Rise National Championship


Thursday, August 12, 2010


Winners Bracket A

Sorcerer Phil 4, SC Breakers 3

Texas Glory 13, IL Chill 2

Sorcerer Phil 3, Texas Glory 0

Texas Impact 5, CA Cruisers 3

So Cal Athletics 10, So Cal Choppers 0

So Cal Athletics 3, Texas Impact 1

Sorcerer Phil vs So Cal Athletics 330 Friday

Winners Bracket B

Georgia Elite 5, Courage 0

Corona Angels Marty 3, NJ Inferno 1

Corona Angels Marty 7, Georgia Elite 2

Teamsmith 5,  Cal Lite 3

OC Batbusters 2, Worth Firecrackers 0

OC Batbusters 4, Teamsmith 1

Corona Angels Marty vs OC Batbusters 330 Friday

Bracket A & B winners meet 8pm Friday


Losers Bracket A

Minors Gold def Scorpions 9-8

NM Sundancers def Carolina Cardinals 2-1

Explosion def Minors 8-0

Pumas def CO Stars 5-2

Beverly Bandits def Lady Magic 5-0

Voodoo def TN Fury 3-2

Jets def IN Magic 7-3

SD Renegades def TC Stars 4-3

SD Renegades def Chaos 1-0

NW Bullets def Valley Breeze 5-3

NM Sundancers def NW Blaze 7-2

Explosion def Eclipse 9-6

Pumas def USA Victory 11-0

Corona Angels B def Beverly Bandits 4-3

The Next Level def Voodoo 7-3

Jets def Storm 6-4

Lightning def SD Renegades 6-4

Irvine Sting def NW Bullets 9-6

Explosion ef Sundancers 7-0

Pumas def Corona Angels B 4-0

Jets def The Next Level 8-3

Sting def Lightning 9-1

SC Breakers vs Explosion

Pumas def Chill 11-5

Cruisers 1, Jets 0

Choppers vs Sting

Friday Losers Bracket A

Pumas vs winner SC Breakers/Explosion

Cruisers vs Choppers/Sting winner

Losers Bracket B

Grapettes def Sorcerer Blue 5-0

Sudden Impact def Hawaii 6-4

Grapettes def NJ Breakers 7-2

Houston Power Glowacz def Shamrocks 8-0

Combat Panthers def Richmond Diamonds 5-1

Dirt Dogs def WA Ladyhawks 4-1

So Cal Firecrackers def VA Legends 4-0

AZ Hotshots def Houston Power K 3-1

Strike Zone def Arizona Hotshots 5-3

CO Styxx def CA Raiders 3-1

Sudden Impact def KC Peppers 1-0

NJ Intensity def Grapettes vs 10-2

Case Batbusters def Houston Power Glowacz 7-3

Combat Panthers def American Pastime 3-0

Killer Bees def Dirt Dogs 11-2

So Cal Firecrackers def WA Lake Breeze 5-1

TX Magic def Strike Zone 5-2

Wichita Mustangs def Styxx 6-1

Sudden Impact def Intensity 2-1

Combat Panthers def Case Batbusters 12-1

Killer Bees def So Cal Firecrackers 10-0

Wichita Mustangs def TX Magic 5-4

Courage leads Sudden Impact 4-3 in 6th

NJ Inferno def Combat Panthers 6-5

Killer Bees def Cal Lite 3-1

Wichita Mustangs def Worth Firecrackers 3-1

Friday Losers Bracket B

Courage/Sudden Impact vs NJ Inferno

Killer Bees vs Wichita Mustangs


Sorcerers 4, Breakers 3.  Sorcerer scored 4 runs in 7th.

Batbusters 2, Firecrackers 0.  OCB scored 2 runs in th on Erika Campbell double. 

Batbusters 4, Teamsmith 1.  Susan Fomero 3 run HR top 7th broke 1-1 tie.  Nancy Bowling 8K.

Glory 13, Chill 2.  Duehr 2-run homer gave Chill initial lead.

Impact 5, Cruisers 3.  Tysarczyk 3-run homer in 1st for Impact.  Ziese 2-run HR for Cruisers late in game.

Sorcerer 3, Glory 0.  In 1st, Hopkins walked, scored on Kostreba double.  Kasey Stanchek (Washington) made that run hold up until 6th when Decker tripled in 2 runs.

So Cal Athletics 3, Impact 1.  A’s Allison Brown singled in 2nd, scored catcher error.  Alexis Mercado doubled, scored on single by Munro-Steingraeber.  Mercado scored final run in 3rd on Jenna Kelly single.

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