August 14 2010



Saturday began with two “what if” games:

Texas Impact 11, OC Batbusters 2

Southern California Athletics 7, Corona Angels Marty 3


August 14 2010


Saturday began with two “what if” games:

Texas Impact 11, OC Batbusters 2

Southern California Athletics 7, Corona Angels Marty 3


Texas Impact Gold 11, OC Batbusters 2 (5)

WP Rachel Fox.  LP Nancy Bowling

Impact scored 3 in 1st, 5 runs in 4th, and led 11-0 before Batbusters scored 2 bottom 5th.  Impact racked 17 hits to 4 for Batbusters.

1st:  Tsarczyk opened the scoring with a single, driving in Albus and Clopton who had singled.  Tsarczyk scored on Shireman single.

2nd: Erceg relieves Bowling (5H, 3R).  Erceg would be charged with 12H, 8 runs.

4th:  Coronado walked.  Albus bunt single.  Clopton singled, loading the bases.  Tyler singled, Coronado scoring.  Albus scored on error at 1st, Clopton on interference call. Morgan doubled in Tyler.  Mondrik scores on Medina single.

Top 5th:  Albus, Clopton single.  Tyler jacks 3 run homer.

Bottom 5th:  Erceg singles, Takeda pinch runner. Coyle 2-run home run.

End of game.

Southern California Athletics 7, Corona Angels Marty 3

WP Kayla Massey.  LP Jessica Hall

Boosted by 3 home runs, SCA’s led 7-2 after scoring 4 runs, top 4th.  Angels scored 2 in bottom half 3rd, added another run bottom 7th.

1st: Nece opened game with  a walk.  With one out, Castillo reached on a fielder’s choice, error at short.  Kelly also reached on an error, Nece scoring.  Castillo scored on Brown’s groundout.

3rd:  Kelly homered with one out. 3-0.

Bottom 3rd: LaRosa and Jones singled, both scored on Edwards’ single.

4th: Munro-steingraeber hit solo HR.  Lockman relieved Hall.  Mercado hbp.  Kelly singles with two out.  Mercado scores on error.  Brown belts 2-run home run. 7-2.

5th: Yabarra relieves Lockman.

Bottom 7th:  With one out, Edwards and Girard single. Carrillo walks, loading the bases.  Edwards scores on Mejia groundout.  Tyson strikes out ending game.

Championship Game (5pm)

Texas Impact Gold vs So Cal Athletics

The championship game features some of the top hitters in the tournament. Cassie Tsarczyk, Impact, and Jenna Kelly, SCA, have three home runs each.  Tsarczyk has 17 rbi, Kelly 13, Erin Shireman, Impact, has 12.  Five Impact players Albus, Clopton, Tsarczyk, Morgan and Shireman are among the 10 players with the most hits.  Rachel Fox leads all pitchers with 47.2 innings, 7 wins, and 53 strikeouts.

 Impact has won six games coming up through the losers bracket.  Their loss in bracket was to the SCA’s 3-0. A near-capacity crowd of more than 1,000 had gathered at game time.

The Game

So Cal Athletics 4, Texas Impact 2

WP SCA Kayla Massey.  LP Impact Rachel Fox.

 Top 1st: Nece opened the game hitting back to Fox.  D Mercado beat out an infield hit, and stole 2nd.  Castillo doubled in Nece with the first score.  Kelly  singled., rbi.  Brown ground out.  M Mercado was hbp.  Massey (Iowa) grounded to 2nd.  SCA’s 2-0.

Bottom 1st: Albus ground out. Clopton reached on an infield hit.  Tyler struck out.  Morgan flied out to Walker in left.

Top 2nd: Craig flied out to right. Munro hit back to Fox.  Nece ground out to 2nd.

Bottom 2ndTysarczyk walked.  Shireman flied out to center.  Barefield also flied out to center; a strong throw from Nece to 3rd held the runner at 2nd.  Medina ground to short.

Top 3rdD. Mercado singled; advanced to 2nd on error at 1st (failed pick).  Cantillo laid down a sac bunt to 3rd.  Kelly hit into a fielder’s choice; Albus at 2nd nailed Mercado at the plate.  Brown singled, the A’s fifth hit.  M Mercado struck out.

Bottom 3rdCoronado, the younger sister of Melissa Coronado, the star pitcher a few years ago for Louisiana-Lafayette, grounded to 3rd. Albus ground out to short.  Clopton singled to center and stole 2nd.  The speedy Tyler beat out an infield hit and the equally speedy Clopton scored.  Morgan fouled out to short.  SCA’s 2-1

Top 4thMassey hit back to 3rd.  Craig was out 1-4-3, the ball caroming off Fox’s leg.  Munro singled but the pinch-runner was caught stealing 2nd.

Bottom 4thTysarczyk ground to short.  Shireman was put out at 1st.  Barefield singled, the fourth Impact hit (paled in comparison to the 17 hits off the Batbusters in the morning game).  Medina struck out.

Top 5thNece reached on error by Tyler at short. D Mercado fanned. Cantillo hit a deep fly to center which carried Clopton into the fence.  Kelly fouled out to Morgan at 3rd.

Bottom 5thCoronado hit back to Massey.  Albus singled, stole 2nd.  Clopton hit back to the circle, Albus to 3rd.  Tyler singled in the tying run.  Morgan walked.  Tysarczyk 1-3.

Top 6thBrown singled to center.  M Mercado sacrificed 3-4.  Massey struck out. Craig (Ole Miss) lofted a deep fly which was caught but carried Clopton over the fence, 2-run home run.  The A’s went up 4-2.  They now had 8 hits off Fox (Texas). Munro worked a 3-2 count, struck out.

Bottom 6thShireman, who has impressed all game with her quick trigger as catcher, has 12 rbi in the tournament, Barefield fouled out to 1st.  Pinch hitter Gregg struck out.

Top 7thNece popped to 2nd.  D Mercado hit back to Fox.  Cantillo popped to Morgan at 3rd.

Bottom 7thThe Impact, a very high scoring team which led many offensive statistics, was down to three outs.   Coronado was out on a sharp throw by M Mercado at short. Albus  singled to left.  Clopton hit into a fielder’s choice, but Albus ran into D Mercado, and was out on interference.  Tyler grounded to 2nd.

The Southern California Athletics had won the first ESPN Rise National Tournament – the first SCA national title since winning ASA Gold with Jennifer Stewart.in 1999.  Afterwords, SCA coach Bruce Richardson told SPY: This was a true national championship; look at the quality of the teams, the areas they represented.  He paid tribute to his team — these kids worked their butts off to win this tournament — and also congratulated ESPN for its sponsorship.  As an organizer of the event, Richardson noted the hard work of many months that went into preparation and execution.  Looking up at the crowd, Richardson said, We never had a thousand people remaining for a Gold championship.  He is already looking forward to the next season; the SCA’s lose six players but just three starters.





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