8-2-2012 Premier Girls Fastpitch18HS Bracket

Premier 18HS Bracket Thursday
August 2, 2012


A rare day in travel ball tournament history –the OC Batbusters, Worth Firecrackers, and So Cal Athletics lost!


Thursday Winners Bracket A

So Cal Athletics 2.IL Chill 1
Team North Florida def Georgia Elite
Team North Florida 4, So Cal Athletics 3

WA Ladyhawks 3, Corona Angels NT 2
Beverly Bandits 2, So Cal Pumas 1
Beverly Bandits 6, WA Ladyhawks 0

Thursday Winners Bracket B
SJ Sting Woods 4, Worth Firecrackers 0
CA Cruisers Lyn 8, Breakers 1
SJ Sting Woods 3, Cruisers Lyn 1

AZ Storm 2, So Cal 3D 0
OC Batbusters def So Force
AZ Storm def OC Batbusters  5-1

Losers Bracket A

East Cobb Bullets def Bandits JT
East Cobb Bullets def TC Stars
TNL def Finesse
TNL def Mizuno Pride
AZ Hotshots def TNL
East Cobb Bullets vs AZ Hotshots (late Thursday)
Winner plays IL Chill on Friday

Firecrackers Snyder def Corona Angels Howard
Firecrackers Howard def Victory
Minors Gold def Lakewood Firecrackers
Minors Gold def Wichita Mustangs
Minors Gold vs Firecrackers Snyder (late Thursday)
Winner plays Georgia Elite on Friday

VA Legends def Vienna Stars
Killer Bees def VA Legends
Tulsa Eagles def CO Stars
Tulsa Eagles def Texas Glory
Killer Bees def Tulsa Eagles late Thursday 6-1
Killer Bees play Corona Angels MT on Friday

NM Sundancers def CA Elite
Teamsmith def NM Sundancers
Lady Magic def Teamsmith
TX Storm def M Impulse
TX Storm def SGV Velocity
Lady Magic 6, TX Storm  3 late Thursday
Lady Magic plays So Cal Pumas on Friday

Also in Losers Bracket A: WA Ladyhawks, So Cal Athletics

Losers Bracket B

Strike Zone def CA Comets
Sorcerer Blue def Strike Zone
NJ Intensity def TX Impact
American Pastime def NJ Intensity
Atlanta Vipers def American Pastime
Sorcerer Blue def Atlanta Vipers 6-1
Sorcerer Blue plays IL Chill on Friday

Newtown Rock def MN Sting
Explosion def Newtown Rock
Irvinr Sting def IN Magic
San Jose Sting Perales def Irvine Sting
Explosion def San Jose Sting late Thursday 8-2
Explosion plays Breakers on Friday

Grapettes def Rapid Fire
Lake Breeze def Grapettes
Choppers def New Lenox Lighting
Choppers def Jets
Choppers def Lake Breeze late Thursday 11-0
Choppers play So Cal 3D on Friday

NC Lady Lightgning def Cruisers Mel
KC Peppers def NC Lady Lightning
KC Peppers def Lady Gators
NW Bullets def Sorcerer Phil
Bullets def TX Peppers
Bullets play KC Peppers late Thursday
Winner plays So Cal Pumas on Friday

OC Batbusters and Cruisers Lyn are also in Losers Bracket B





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