8-2-2013 Premier Girls Fastpitch Friday

August 2 2013

The defending champion So Cal Athletics will defend their title Saturday night in Bill Barber Stadium against the Team Mizuno Stith, who had to defeat the OC Batbusters twice Friday night to settle out the winners bracket and create the championship game.

The final rounds leading up to the championship were very competitive, like the tournament itself.  The eight teams still in contention on Saturday were each capable of winning Premier.  The high quality of these players is attested to by the top-ranked colleges which players in the championship game will attend: North Carolina, Utah, Washington, Virginia, Fresno State, LSU, Florida, ASU, Arizona, UCLA, Michigan, Stanford, Missouri, UCSB, South Carolina, Tennessee, Northwestern.  A number of coaches from these and other prominent schools witnessed Premier action.

So Cal Athletics 4, Beverly Bandits Conroy 0
OC Batbusters 7, Texas Glory Shelton 0

Team Mizuno Stith 4, KC Peppers 1
Firecrackers Rico 7, Jersey Intensity 2
Team Mizuno Stith 4, Beverly Bandits Conroy 2

Sorcerer 4, Gold Coast Hurricanes 0
East Cobb Bullets 2, NC Lady Lightnng 1
East Cobb Bullets 3, Sorcerer 2

So Cal Athletics 10, East Cobb Bullets 0
Team Mizuno Stith 2, OC Batbsuters 0
Team Mizuno Stith 5, OC Batbusters 4 (8)

The Championship game will be broadcast live over ESPN.

Kaylee Carlson pitched the last three victories for Mizuno.  Mizuno held a 4-0 lead but the Batbusters tied. The Batbusters hit 3 consecutive singles bottom 6th, the tied in then 7th on a homer by Sierra Hyland and a run by Karsyn Guzman who reached on an error at 3rd. Top 8th, Alyssa Palomino, the ITB runner, scored on Morganne Flores sac fly.  There were two game-saving throws in the 7th and 8th from outfielders Amanda Lorenz and Justine McLean, both nailing runners at home, the final throw by McLean ending the game.  Earlier, Janelle Wheaton homered for Mizuno. Delaney Spaulding, who had homered against the Bandits, drove in the first two runs in the final against the Batbusters.  Note that Taylor McQuillin pitched both games for the Batbusters.


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