8-21-2011 Chicago Wins NPF Championship


August 21, 2011  Sulphur LA

Chicago Bandits Win Championship; defeat Pride 10-3 

Best two of three competition for 2011 NPF Championship matches Chicago Bandits, who won Game 1, again USSSA Pride.  If a third game is needed, it will br played at 4pm.   Broadcast ESPN 2.

 Game 2:

Jordan Taylor for Pride, Monica Abbott for Bandits.

Top 1: Natasha Watley opened the game with a single, and stole 2nd.  Caitlin Lowe reached on an error at short, runners at the corners.  Jessica Mendoze flied out to left.  Charlotte Morgan struck out.  Francesca Enea flied out to center, stranding two.  Bottom 1st:  Leading off, Megan Wiggins tripled.  Amber Patton beat out a bunt, Wiggins scoring.  Alisa Goler walked on a full count. Stacy May-Johnson lofted a short fly to right field. Tammy Williams outraced a bunt to 1st, loading the bases.  Nikki Nemitz doubled off her former Michigan teammate Jordan, driving in two  runs.  Sarah Pauly relieved Taylor, runners on 2nd and 3rd, one out. Christine  Knauer in to run.  (Cat Osterman was on the bench, her pitching arm in a sling.) Shannon Doepking reaches on a fielder’s choice, Williams scored, 4-0.  With Vicky Galindo, the hitting hero of Game 1, at bat, Doepking steals 2nd. Galindo singles, Knauer scores, 5-0.  Caitlin Lever  hit into a fielder’s choice, forcing Galindo.  Megan Wiggins popped.

Top 2nd: Alyssa Haber led off, drawing a walk on 10 pitches.  Ashley Charters walked.  The runners advanced; Willis grounds to 3rd. (2 illegal pitches?)  Andrea Duran, whose 2-out homer sent Game 1 into extra innings, struck out.  Watley singled in two runs, 5-2.  Lowe popped to 2nd.  Bottom 2nd:  Patton singled to left.  Goler walked.  May-Johnson hit back to Pauly but the error at 1st allowed  Patton to score, 6-2.  Williams at bat, May-Johnson steals 2md.  Williams flies out to left.  Nemitz singles off the glove of Duran at 3rd, Goler scores, 7-2.  Doepking grounds to short, Galindo flies to left.

Top 3rd:  Trailing by 5 runs, Pride opens the 3rd with Mendoza, who stretched a single into a double.  Morgan out.  Enea (3-2) drew the third walk off Abbott.  Haber singled up the middle, Mendoza scored, 7-3.  Charters struck out.  Willis forced Enea at 3rd.  Bottom 3rd:  Lever grounded to short.  Wiggins slugged a 1-1 pitch over the right field fence, 8-3.  Patton flied out to left.  Goler  out, 5-3.

Top 4th:  Duran popped to short.  Watley ground out, on a strong throw from May-Johnson.  Lowe popped to 3rd.  Bottom 4th:  Danielle Lawrie became the third Pride pitcher.  May-Johnson flied out to left.  Williams grounded to 2nd.  Nemitz  lined to 2nd.  The first 1-2-3 at-bats for either team.

Top 5th:  Mendoza, who doubled and scored in the 3rd, singled off Goler’s glove at 1st.  Morgan forced Mendoza, fielder’s choice at 2nd.  Enea flied to center.  Haber struck out, Abbott’s fourth.  Bottom 5th:  Doepking reached on an errant throw to 1st.  Robin Thompson pinch runner.  Galindo sacrificed.  Lever  out to Lawrie, 1-3. Wiggins hbp.  Patton reaches on an error, Wiggins and Thompson score.  10-3.  Goler grounded to 2nd.  Pride had committed 4 errors.

Top 6th:  Pinch hitter Lauren Lappin drove a line drive into left, snagged in the defensive play of the game by Wiggins.  Pinch hitter Tonya Callahan struck out.  Duran ground out 4-3.  Bottom 6th:  May-Johnson out 4-3.  Williams out 6-3.  Nemitz out 4-3.

Top 7th:  USSSA Pride was down to three outs, trailing 10-3.  Pride had 5 hits to 7 for Chicago, but the run production reflected the 4 errors and extra-base and timely  hits.  Watley ground out.  Samantha Findlay ground out to Galindo at 2nd.  Mendoza grounded to 3rd for the final out.

Chicago wins the 2011 NPF Championship.

No announcement had been made when ESPN signed off, but Megan Wiggins had to be the outstanding player of the game.

Abbott threw 110 pitches, 81 for strikes.  5H, 3R, 3 BB, 5K.

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