8-23-2013 NPF Championship Round Two Revised

NPF ROUND 2 FRIDAY (revised)

August 23 2013

The #3 seed Racers defeated the #4 NY/NJ Comets 4-2 on Thursday, and now face the #2 seed Pride.  The winner will play the first of a best-of-three against the #1 seed Bandits later Friday night.

Top 1st: Cat Osterman pitching. Schlopy struck out; Montalvo grounded to Watley at short;,Morgan fanned.
Bottom 1st: Ivy Renfroe pitching. Watley out, 3-4; Lowe put out 3 by Morgan; Kretschman singled up the middle; DiSalvatore grounded to short, good throw by Watley.
Top 2nd: Castillo on a 3-2 count, flied to Lowe in center;  Marder, whose 3-run homer sank the Comets, also worked a 3-2 count, struck out; Garcia walked; Del Ponte looked at a third strike, Osterman’s 39th pitch in two at-bats.
Bottom 2nd: Duran flied to right; Sandberg ripped a single to center; advanced to 2nd on passed ball; Enea flied to Garcia in left; Willis, the DP, lined to Karino in right.
Top 3rd: Paculba, another 3-2 count, drew the second walk off Osterman; Karino fanned, Cat’s fifth; Schlopy struck out on a 56mph change; Montalvo struck out, third whiff of the at-bat.
Bottom 3rd: Charters beat out an infield hit, stole 2nd; Watley put out by Morgan; Lowe 6-2 fielder’s choice, Charters out at home. Kretschman, one of six Olympic veterans on Pride, grounded to 3rd, the very athletic Montalvo rifled a throw to 1st for the out.
Top 4th: Morgan flied to Lowe in center; Castillo grounded to Duran at 3rd; Marder fanned on a 66mph curve.
Bottom 4th: DiSalvatore ripped a single to center; Lappin in to run; Duran struck out; Sandberg hbp; Enea fouled out to short (Del Ponte) but her throw to 2nd for a possible double play sailed and two runners advanced. Willis drove in Lappin with a single to Garcia in left, rbi, but the throw nailed the trailing runner , Sandberg.  1-0 Pride.
Top 5th: Leading off for the still-hitless Racers, Garcia fanned.  Del Ponte out 1-3.  Paculba looked at a third strike, Cat’s ninth.  85 pitches, 52 strikes.
Bottom 5th:  Charters hbp; Watley forced Charters who ran into the fielder (no interference?).  Lowe watched a third strike.  Kretschman grounded to short.
Top 6th: Karino tripled to right center.  Schlopy hit back to Osterman.  Montalvo hit into a fielder’s choice to Osterman, but Karino sampered back to 3rd, no play. Morgan hit a hard grounder to Sakamoto now playing 3rd; she bobbled the ball and Karino scored the tying run, Morgan safe at 1st. Castillo hit a fielder’s choice to 3rd, Montalvo out at home.  Marder at 3-2 walked, loading the bases. Garcia struck out swinging.  Osterman had thrown 124 pitches, 77 strikes.  Game tied 1-1.  11 strikeouts.
Bottom 6th: DiSalvatore opened with a single to left; the Pride’s sixth hit.  Lisa Norris relieved Renfroe.  Duran sacrificed but Morgan dropped the throw at 1st. Sandberg sacrificed; runners at 2nd and 3rd, Enea launched a rocket, just foul, then struck out. Two out, Willis grounded to Montalvo at 3rd.
Top 7th: Having survived a bases-loaded threat in the 6th, Cat now faced Del Ponte who struck out. Paculba drew Cat’s fourth walk; Karino fanned; Schlopy beat out a hit to short, only the second hit for the Racers.  Montalvo flied to right.  Cat: 148 pitches.
Bottom 7th: Charters walked.  Watley sacrificed to 3rd, but the throw got away, another Morgan error at 1st, Charters raced around to score.

Wp Osterman 2 H, 13 K, 4 walks.  LP Norris.

The Pride now faces #1 seed Chicago Bandits, to begin a best of three for the NPF championship.

BANDITS 3, Pride 2
Best of three between #1 seed Bandits and #2 seed Pride to decide 2013 NPF Championship.

Top 1st: Monica Abbott pitching for Bandits.  Watley out, comeback to Abbott, who is hitting 72 mph. Lowe struck out. Kretschman beat out an infield hit.  DiSalvatore struck out on a 73mph pitch.
Bottom 1st:  Keilani Ricketts pitching, 69mph, slowing down to 51mph on her changeup..  Wiggins watched a third strike. Yamada tripled to right. Myers took 3 bases on a throwing error by Watley, Yamada scoring. Butler popped to Charters at 2nd. Williams line drive to Lowe in center.
Top 2nd: Sandberg  singled to right; Duran sacrificed; Lappin singled to left; Willis flied to left but Yamada dropped the ball, recovered and the Bandits caught two off base, 7-4-3.  The run did not count.
Bottom 2nd: Goler struck out; Patton struck out; Galindo ground out.
Top 3rd: Charters struck out; Watley beat out an infield hit to Charters; Lowe was hbp; Kretschman struck out; DiSalvatore reached on a fielder’s choice hit to Williams at short, bases loaded.  Sandberg popped high  to short.
Bottom 3rd: Ricketts varying from 51 change to 71 curve.  Watanabe reached on an infield hit but was forced by Wiggins; Yamada walked; Myers hit into a fielder’s choice; Butler belted a line drive which Watley leaped to snare.
Top 4th: Duran struck out; Lappin ground out; Willis struck out.
Bottom 4th: Williams out 3-4; Goler lined to 1st; Patton out 6-3.
Top 5th: Charters out 4-3, good backhand by Galindo; Watley hit a high bouncer which fell between Abbott and two infielders; Watley stole 2nd; Lowe ground to short; Kretschman singled to left, rbi, score tied 1-1. DiSalvatore ground out to 2nd.
Bottom 5th: Galindo put out at 1st; Watanabe out on a grounder to 3rd, sharp throw by Sakamoto.  Wiggins struck out.
Top 6th, score tied 1-1. Sandberg struck out, Abbott’s seventh; Duran popped toGoler at 1st; Lappin popped to Yamada at short.
Bottom 6th: Yamada walked; forced by Myers; Butler hit into a 1-1-3 double play.
Top 7th: Pinch-hitter Enea singled, Williams in to run.  Charters sacrificed; Watley walked;runners at the corners; Lowe struck out; Kretschman scratched out a hit to 2nd, rbi; Pride up 2-1; DiSalvatore with two on looked at a third strike.
Bottom 7th: Williams worked a full count, walked. Pinch-hitter Zymkowitz struck out; Patton grounded to Sakamoto at 3rd, who threw wild to 1st, the tying run scored by Williams, and the throw to the plate was misplayed by the catcher Willis for the second error on the play, the Bandits’ Patton  scoring the winning run.

The teams play again at 4pm Saturday.  The Pride would need to win two to claim the championship.

When the NPF tournament began, there was general acknowledgment that Catherine Osterman and Monica Abbott were the big two pitchers.  By the end of the night, there was a general consensus about a big three – now including Keilani Ricketts.  If not for base-running errors in the 2nd and the two errors at the end, Ricketts and the Pride might well have won.  Ricketts gave up just 2 hits to 6 for Abbott, and no hits after the leadoff Bandit in the 3rd. Abbott had 8 Ks to Ricketts 4.  The Bandits hubris in the post-game press conference (Abbott and Williams) gave no hint of their error-driven narrow escape.




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