8-24-2012 NPF Semi-finals Friday



Friday, August 24

Game 3 (#1 “USSSA Pride” vs. #4 “Akron Racers”) 6:00 p.m.

Game 4 (#2 “Chicago Bandits” vs. #3 “Carolina Diamonds”) 8:30 p.m.


Saturday, August 25

(Games 5 & 6 are “If Necessary” games)

Game 5 (#1 “USSSA Pride” vs. #4 “Akron Racers”) 11:00 a.m.

Game 6 (#2 “Chicago Bandits” vs. #3 “Carolina Diamonds”) 1:30 p.m.

(If only one “If Necessary” game, it will be at 11:00 a.m.)

Game 7 Championship Game Final 7:00 p.m.


Sunday, August 26 “Pack the Park for ESPN”

Game 8 Championship Game Final (ESPN2/ESPN3) 2:30 p.m.

Game 9 “If Necessary” Championship Game Final 6:00 p.m.

(If Game 9 is played, admission is FREE and will air on ESPN2/ESPN3)


Format is three rounds of “best of 3” Series’. It begins with #1 Seed vs. #4 Seed and #2 Seed vs. #3 Seed. The Winners of those two Series’ will play each other in a “best of 3” Championship Final Series to determine the eventual Championship Series Champion. All Times are listed as Central Standard Time and will be viewable on Pointstreak. Championship Games 8 & 9 will be televised. Check your local listings.


Game 3 (#1 “USSSA Pride” vs. #4 “Akron Racers”) 6:00 p.m.
Pride pitcher Danielle Lawrie.  Akron pitcher Hillary Bach.
Game 3 is an absolute must win for Akron, down a game in the best of three format. The game matched two former Pac 12 foes in the circle.  An unofficial estimate numbered the crowd at 500.


Akron wins 8-7, forcing a what-if game for Saturday at 11am.

Top 1st:McDonald and Modglin struck out. Marden jacked a solo homer.  Hesson singled.  Pauly ground out.  Bottom 1st:Watley led off with hit but was forced on Lowe’s  fielder’s choice.  Mendoza slugged a 2-run homer.  Sandberg put out; Kretschman walked.  Charters flied out.  Pride 2-1.


Top 2nd: Trimboli grounded to short.  Schlopy singled on a 3-2 count.  Montalvo put out by the catcher Willis.  Paculba flied to right.  Bottom 2nd: Willis walked on five pitches.  Morgan singled. Lisa Norris relieved Bach. Duran fouled off four pitches, struck out. Watley worked a 3-2 count, singled, loading the bases.  Lowe singled, Willis scored.  3-1. Mendoza tripled, three runs scored. 6-1. Sandberg struck out.  Kretschman grounded out 4-3.  Pride 6-1 after two innings.


Top 3rd: McDonald struck out. Modglin singled. Marder walked on a 3-2 count. Castillo flied to right. Pauly flied out to center.  Bottom 3rd: Charters led with a single.  Willis struck out swinging. Morgan flied to center. Duran struck out swinging, Norris’ fourth.


Top 4th: Trimboli flied to right. Schlopy struck out, Lawrie’s fourth. Montalvo put out.  Bottom 4th: Watley and Lowe singled. Mendoza struck out.  Sandberg grounded to 3rd. Enea struck out swinging.


Top 5th: Paculba singled.  McDonald struck out swinging. Modglin doubled, Paculba scored.  Marder flied to right.  Hesson flied to center.  6-2. Bottom 5th: Charters struck out.  Willis grounded to short. Morgan struck out.


Top 6th: Pauly hbp.  Trimboli, 3-2 count, walked. Two on, no outs. Schlopy hits into fieder’s choice, forcing Trimboli at 2nd. Montalvo reaches on an error at short, Pauly scores 6-3.  Paculba singled.  Bases loaded.  Cat Osterman relieved Lawrie.  Garcia singled, Schlopy and Montalvo scored. 6-5. Modglin singled.  Marder jacks a 3-run home run, her second of the game.  Akron takes the lead 8-6.  Hesson struck  out swinging.  Bottom 6th: Duran flied out to center.  Watley put out at 1st.  Lowe out 3-4.


Top 7th: Pauly reaches on the second error at short by Lappin, and goes to 2nd.  Trimboli put out by Willis.  Schlopy walked. Montalvo strikes out swinging.  Paculba is put out on a dropped third strike.  Now, the #1 seed, regular season champion Pride are three outs away from being forced into a what-if game on Saturday morning.  Bottom 7th: Mendoza leads off; jacks a 1-2 pitch for a home run.  8-7. Sandberg strikes out swinging, Norris’ ninth K.  Kretschman putout by Paculba at short.  Charters, at 2-2, fouled off two pitches, struck out swinging, Norris’ tenth K.


Akron has forced a what-if game, to be played Saturday at 11am.

Norris had the win; Osterman took the loss.  Marder and Mendoza each had two home runs, Mendoza six rbi.


Game 4 (#2 “Chicago Bandits” vs. #3 “Carolina Diamonds”) 8:30 p.m.

Bandits 5, Diamonds 1
Bandits advance to first Championship game Saturday night, awaiting winner of Pride/Racers what-if game on Saturday morning.

WP Nikki Nemitz.  LP Angel Bunner.  Monica Abbott pitched 2+ scoreless innings.
Bandits scored 4 runs in bottom 1st.  Galindo led with a walk.  Goler singled.  Pinch-hitter Butler crushed a 3-run homer.  Patton struck out.  Tammy Williams doubled, scored on pitcher error on Amanda Williams grounder.

Two out, bottom 2nd, Wiggins homered, 5-0.

Diamonds scored their run, top 4th.  Folden led with a double.  Weseman struck out.  Hooks walked.  Lobpries reached on a fielder’s choice, Folden scored.  But Diamonds stranded two.  Diamonds had one runner remainder of game.

Spy could not provide more detail because PointStreak was stuck in the 7th inning of an unrelated game, which was showing instead of the Bandits game.  NPF staff were notified of the problem, which was not corrected until the game ended.






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