8-24-2013 NPF Championship


BANDITS vs PRIDE; Pride Takes Two Final Games to Win

Bandits eked out a 3-2 win on Friday, fueled by Pride errors. The format is best two of three.  If the Bandits win the first game on Saturday, the Bandits are the Champions.  If Pride wins, there will be a tie-breaker game at 7pm.

The Bandits are hedging their bets for the second contest, starting Andi Williamson, which saves Monica Abbott for a possible third game.  Pride as expected will start Cat Osterman.

Before the game, NPF introduced 18 players who starred for NPF teams during its 10-year history.

Pride 5, Bandits 0

Top 1st: Osterman pitching.  Wiggins hbp; Yamada reached on catcher obstruction; Myers lined to 2b Charters who flipped to Watley for the double play.  Butler hit into fielder’s choice.
Bottom 1st: Williamson pitching.  Watley struck out on 54mph change.  Lowe worked a 3-2 count, reached on infield slap.  Williamson hitting 69mph.  Kretschman  lined into a double play.
Top 2nd:  Williams flied to right. Goler grounded to 2nd.  Patton  walked (3-2).  Out stealing.
Bottom 2nd: DiSalvatore walked on four pitches. Sandberg hbp. Duran sacrifice. Enea fanned.  Williams flied deep to Yamada at the left field fence.
Top 3rd: Cervantes infield hit. Galindo forced Cervantes.  Wiggins at bat, Cervantes stole 2nd; Wiggins looked at third strike.  Yamada walked; the third pass by Osterman;  Myers whiffed looking, Cat’s 44th pitch, 25 strikes.
Bottom 3rd: Charters flied high to right.  Watley at 3-2 struck out. Lowe at 3-2 out 4-3.
Top 4th: Salling in at shortstop for Pride.  Butler grounded to short; Williams singled to right center; stole 2nd; Goler popped high to Osterman; Patton grounded to Salling at short.
Bottom 4th: Kretschman walked; DiSalvatore hit a fielder’s choice to short, Kretschman out, but took out Galindo playing 2nd.  Sandberg hit a fielder’s choice to short, forcing DiSalvatore.  Duran hit a first-pitch 2-run homer inside the left field pole.  Enea out 1-3.  Pride up 2-0.
Top 5Th: Cervantes lined to Osterman; Galindo lined to left; Wiggins out 6-3.
Bottom 5th: Williams popped to 3rd; Charters out 4-3; Salling struck out.
Top 6th: Yamada struck out; Myers out 4-3; Butler singled to left; Hull in to run; Williams struck out.
Bottom 6th: Lowe out 6-3; Kretschman walked on four pitches; DiSalvatore singled to left; Sandberg singled to right, rbi, 3-0. Lappin in to run for DiSalvatore. Duran beat out a single, rbi, Lappin scored 4-0.  Ricketts pinch-hitting for Enea singled to left, rbi, 5-0.  Enea in to run.  Williams lined to Patton at 3rd for a double play.
Top 7th: Now the nearly full stadium, largely Bandits supporters, would see if their home-town team could come back, or play a third game.  Leading off, Goler fanned; Patton at 3-2 looked at a third strike.  Game three was just an out away. Cervantes at 3-2 drew a walk. Galindo dropped a single in to left  center which Lowe couldn’t reach.  Wiggins flied deep to right.
Osterman gave up 4 hits, 6 Ks
Pride wins 5-0, forces a third game at 7pm.

PRIDE 2, BANDITS  1(Game Three)
August 24 2013
Keilani Ricketts for Pride, Monica Abott for Bandits
Winner: 2013 NPF Champion Pride

Top 1st: Abbott pitching.  Watley singled; Lowe popped to short; Kretschman struck out; DiSalvatore out 1-3.
Bottom 1st:, Ricketts pitching. Wiggins walked; Yamada fanned; Goler fanned; Wiggins out stealing.
Top 2nd: Abbott 58-70mph. Sandberg doubled to left; Duran, the HR hero of the previous game, lined an rbi double to center, 1-0 Pride. Enea out 6-3, runner to 3rd.  Willis, whose errors in the first game were costly, struck out. Charters whiffed, Abbott’s third.
Bottom 2nd: Butler flied deep to right; Williams hbp; Patton grounded to Duran at 3rd; Pohlman at 3-2 fanned; Galindo up, Williams caught stealing; sharp throw by Willis.
Top 3rd: Watley fanned; Lowe ground to Galindo at 2nd; Kretschman whiffed.
Bottom 3rd: Pohlman fanned; Galindo whiffed; Watanabe struck out; Ricketts had struck out the side.
Top 4th: DiSalvatore flied to center; Sandberg  jacked a 2-2 pitch over the wall in left, 2-0 Pride.  Four hits off Abbott.  Duran struck out.  Enea fouled out to left.  2-0 Pride.
Bottom 4th:  Wiggins flied to Lowe in center; Yamada got the first hit off Ricketts, a double to the wall in left.  Goler followed with an rbi single up the middle, Yamada scored. Butler flied to right.  Williams singled; Patton hit fielder’s choice, Williams out at 2nd.  Pride 2-1.  Ricketts 54/69mph.
Top 5th: Willis out 6-3; ball ricocheted off Abbott’s glove but Williams recovered.  Charters out 6-3.  Salling, subbing for Watley, singled to left.  Lowe slapped, Abbott overthrew 1st, Salling to 3rd.  Kretschman up, Lowe took 2nd; Kretschman grounded to Galindo, 4-3.
Bottom 5th: Pohlman struck out, Ricketts sixth.  Galindo fanned; Dumezich batting for Watanabe, hit to short but the throw pulled DiSalvatore off 1st. Wiggins up, Dumezich to 2nd on passed ball, Watanabe back in to run.  Wiggins at 3-2, walked, the second pass by Ricketts.  Two out, Yamada at 3-2 walked loading the bases with 2 out. Osterman relieved Ricketts who had given up 3 hits, 2 walks, and struck out seven, yielding one run.  Goler struck out on three pitches – 63-58-64.
Top 6th: DiSalvatore singled to left; Williams in to run; Sandberg singled to center; Duran up, Lappin in to run, Lappin caught stealing; Duran struck out; Enea flied to right.  Williams stranded at 3rd.
Bottom 6th:  Butler flied to right; Williams singled; Patton out 1-3; Cervantes popped to short.
Top 7th: Sakamoto grounded to shortl Charters struck out; Salling struck out.
Bottom 7th: Galindo popped to Charters at 2nd.  Myers grounded to Duran at 3rd.  Wiggins struck out on a 68mph Osterman fastball.
WP Ricketts.  Save Osterman.  LP Abbott.
Most valuable player Cat Osterman

The Pride win the 2013 National Fastpitch Championship.




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