8-3-10 ASA Gold Final Pool Results


August 3 2010, Marietta GA

Pool A (Monday & Tuesday)
Miami Stingrays 11 Minnesota Irish 1

All American Sports Academy 4  Texas Glory 5

Miami Stingrays 5 Texas Glory 3

Minnesota Irish 3,All Amer. Sports 4


Pool B (Monday & Tuesday)

Lady Orioles 3,The Next Level 11
Oregon Thunder 8, Polar Crush 0

The Next Level 9,Oregon Thunder 8

Lady Orioles 1 ,Polar Crush 3

Pool C (Monday & Tuesday)

OC Elite 1, TN Explosion 2

Birmingham Vipers 7 NJ Pride 1

TN Explosion 1,Birmingham Vipers 4

OC Elite 2 . NJ Pride 4


Pool D (Monday & Tuesday)

Hitaway Gold 4 Absolute Blast 8

Team North Florida 1 Power Surge 0

Absolute Blast 5, Team N. Florida 10

Hitaway Gold 1 , Power Surge

Pool E (Monday & Tuesday)

SoCal Firecrackers 6 , CA Bears 0

Texas Travelers 3 Wagners Gold 1

SoCal Firecrackers 4 Texas Travelers 2

CA Bears 8, Wagners Gold

Pool F (Monday & Tuesday)

Georgia Impact 7 , Texas Peppers 6

CA Breeze 3, Oklahoma Exclusive 0

Georgia Impact 3 , CA Breeze 8

Texas Peppers 2, Oklahoma Exclusive 3


Pool G (Monday & Tuesday)

Atlanta Vipers 6, TX Sudden Impact 0
Oregon Silver Bullets 1 Mizuno Pride 7

Atlanta Vipers 4 Mizuno Pride 0
Oregon Silver Bullets 3 TX Sudden Impact 7


Pool H (Monday & Tuesday)

Miami V. Express 2, Jets Gold 9

Fury Fast Pitch 2 Houston Power 4

Jets GOLD 3, Houston Power 10

Miami V. Express 2 Fury Fast Pitch 6


Pool I (Monday & Tuesday)

Georgia Elite 15,Wichita Mustangs 1

Fury Softball 2, Impact Gold 10

Georgia Elite 4. Impact Gold 1

Wichita Mustangs 7 Fury Softball 1


Pool J (Monday and Tuesday)

Texas Blaze 7. USA Athletics 2

New Lenox Lighting 10 Virginia Legends 0

Texas Blaze 8,New Lenox 2

USA Athletics 0 ,Virginia Legends 7


Pool K (Monday & Tuesday)

Oregon Panthers 0, GC Hurricanes 9

Team Florida 1 Newton Rock 5

GC Hurricanes 0,  Newton Rock 3

Oregon Panthers 4 Team Florida 2


Pool L (Monday & Tuesday)

Strike Zone 0 ,Alabama Crusaders 2

NW Fireballs 4 Finesse 3

Alabama Crusaders 8,NW Fireballs 0

StrikeZone 3 Finesse 8



Pool M (Monday & Tuesday)

East Coast Bullets 5 Case Batbusters 0

St. Louis Chaos 4 Texas Rapid Fire 2

East Cobb Bullets 3, St. Louis Chaos 2

Case Batbusters0 Texas Rapid Fire 3


Pool N (Monday & Tuesday)

NJ Breakers 1 ,Oklahoma Force 4

Aces Express 3 , NW Eruption 4

Oklahoma Force 6 ,NW Eruption 1

NJ Breakers 6 ,Aces Express 1


Pool O (Monday & Tuesday)

Strike Force 5 ,Texas Bombers 2

GA Impact Miller 3 ,GA Elite Sampson 11

Strike Force 0 , GA Elite Sampson 5

Texas Bombers 7 ,GA Impact Miller 1


Pool P (Monday & Tuesday)

St. Louis Fusion 2 ,SGV Velocity 5

Beverly Bandits 2, KC Peppers 1

SGV Velocity 1 , Beverly Bandits 2

STL Fusion 1 ,KC Peppers 5


End pool game scores




Miami Stingrays VS Lady Orioles

OC Elite vs Hitaway

So Cal Firecrackers vs GA Impact

Atlanta Vipers vs Miami Valley Express

GA Elite vs Texas Blaze

Oregon Panthers vs Strike Zone

East Cobb Bullets vs NJ Breakers

Strike Force vs St. Louis Fusion


Minnesota Irish vs The Next Level

TN Explosion vs Absolute Blast

Jets Gold vs Texas Peppers

Texas Sudden Impact vs CA Bears

Wichita Mustangs vs Alabama Crusaders

Gold Coast Hurricanes vs USA Athletics

Case Batbusters vs SGV Velocity

Texas Bombers vs Oklahoma Force


All American vs Team North Florida

Birmingham Vipers vs Oregon Thunder

California Breeze vs Texas Travelers

Oregon Silver Bullets vs Fury Fast Pitch

Fury Softball vs New Lenox Lightning

Team Florida vs NW Fireballs

St. Louis Chaos vs Aces Express

GA Impact Miller vs Beverly Bandits


Power Surge vs Polar Crush

NJ Pride vs Texas Glory

Wagners Gold vs Oklahoma Exclusive

Mizuno Pride vs Houston Power

Impact Gold vs Virginia Legends

Newtown Rock vs Finesse

Texas Rapid Fire vs NW Eruption

GA Elite Sampson vs KC Peppers


Second round of bracket play begins at 6pm; third round at 8pm

To view the bracket, and see box and line scores, plus play by play, log on to: www.asaspysoftball.com







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