8-3-2011 Premier Begins Bracket Play


Wednesday August 3 2011


After fierce compettion between 8am and 10  pm, the second annual Premier Girls Fastpitch tournament had 16 teams in the winners bracket, and a rapidly diminishing losers bracket.

Winners Bracket A

So Cal Athletics vs KG Hitters

Beverly Bandits vs NW Bullets

CA Grapettes vs CA Strike Zone

Riviera Beach Spirit (MD) vs CA Corona Angels Marty

Winners Bracket B

CA Worth Firecrackers vs TX Bombers

CA Explosion vs CA Choppers

TX Glory vs LA Déjà vu

CO Triple Crown Sports vs CA OC Batbusters

Several highly-regarded teams who were considered pre-tournament to have a chance of contending for the championship suffered first-day defeats:  Sorcerer, Lady Magic, AZ Hotshots Gatti, East Cobb Bullets, Texas Impact Gold, CA Cruisers, NJ Intensity, Georgia Elite, Texas Storm and Wichita Mustangs.  They face increasingly stiff competition in the losers bracket.

Game Scores Schedule A

So Cal Athletics 12, Hotshots 0

LadyHawks 3, Gators 1

SCA’s 2, LadyHawks 0

Tulsa Eagles 1, SC Disamonds 0

KG Hitters 2, NM Sundancers 0

KG Hitters 6, Eagles 0

Sorcere Phil 3, TX Eclipse 0

Beverly Bandits 7, Cal Raiders 3

Beverly Bandits 7, Killer Bees 1

Beverly Bandits 5, Sorcerer 3

NW Bullets 8, Chaos 0

So Force 6, Velocity 2

Bullets 4, Force 3

Grapettes 2, Corona Angels Howard 1

IN Magic 5, Lady Magic 3

Grapettes 2, IN Magic 0

Rapid Fire 1, Absolute Blast 0

Rapid Fire 3, Hotshots Householder 2

Strike Zone 2, Gold Coast Hurricanes 0

Strike Zone 1, Rapid Fire 0

Riviera Beach Spirit 3, Team Florida 1

East Cobb Bullets 2, KC Peppers 0

RB Spirit 2, East Cobb Bullets 0

Pumas 9, Combat Panthers 3

Corona Angels Marty 10, AZ Hotshots Creed 3

Corona Angels Marty 6, Pumas 0

Game Scores Schedule B

So Cal 3D 2, TX Impact 0

Firecrackers 8, SC Breakers7

Firecrackers 7, 3D 2

TX Bombers 1, Jersey Inferno 0

Minors Gold 6, CA Cruisers 5

Texas Bombers 15, Minors Gold 5

Teamsmith 1, NJ Intensity 0

Explosion 9, SJ Sting 1

Jets 7, Teamsmith  4

Explosion 8, Jets 0

IL Chill 5, Courage 4

SC Choppers 15, GA Elite 1

Choppers 8, IL Chill 4

Texas Glory 4, White Sox Academy 1

TX Magic 4, NW Fireballs 3

Glory 2, Magic 1

Victory USA 5, Lady Lightning 1

Déjà vu 3, Kaos 1

Déjà vu 3, Victory 0 (5th)

Triple Crown Sports def Pure Faspitch

Mizuno Impulse 5, Dirt Dogs 3

Triple Crown Sports 5, Mizuno Impulse 3

Wichita Mustangs 5, New Lenox Lightning 3

OC Batbusters 7, TX Storm 1

Batbusters 15, Wichita Mustangs 6

Selected Game Notes

Firecrackers 8, SC Breakers 7.  At least one game in every tournament takes on all the intensity of what old time sports writers called a Pier Six brawl – finesse steps aside to let sheer power take the day.  Firecrackers took a 2-0 lead when Chamberlain and Taukeiaho jacked major shots. The Breakers tied the game on runs by Capetz and Ramirez.  Firecrackers went up 3-2 the next inning when Medina drove in White, and 4-2 the following inning when Lahners doubled and scored.  The Breakers roared back on a 3-run homer by Steele to lead 5-4.  The next inning Ramirez widened the lead with a 2-run homer.  The Firecrackers opened the top of the 7th with a walk by Losefa.  The Breakers breathed easier when Chamberlain looked at a third strike.  Lahners singled, setting the stage for Taukeiaho’s second dinger, a 3-run blast which tied the game 7-all.  With 2 out, Wester broke the tie with another Firecracker homer.  Steele led the bottom of the 7th with a single, but the next 3 batters went down.  (Note: Karley Wester injured her leg in a collision in the next game and was taken by her father to a hospital; the Notre Dame recruit was in obvious pain as her leg was wrapped in a temporary binding; we trust the injury is not serious, and pray for her return to the team.)


Batbusters 15, Wichita Mustangs 6.  Another barnburner.  The Batbusters took an almost traditional hit-walk-hit-run to set a 2-0 lead in the 1st.  Taylore Fuller let them know it would be no walk in the park by slugging a 2-run homer in the bottom half.  The Batbusters upped the ante to 3-2 with a run by Campbell (who had homered in the preceding win over TX Storm).  Back came Fuller; the Florida recruit belted a grand slam for a 6-3 Mustang lead.  The Batbusters  responded with a dinger by Spaulding, 6-4, then rallied to tie in the next inning on a 2-run blast by Jelenicki.  The Batbusters flexed their muscles top 6th, scoring nine runs on eight hits, including a 3-run shot by Young and a 2-run homer by Romero.

So Cal Athletics 12, Hotshots 0.  With a good breeze, the day was made for the long ball.  Plaza and Kelly went yard for the A’s.

So Force 6, Velocity 2.  Best story of the day.  Two on, two out in the Velocity 2nd; high fly ball is lofted to left field – Kelsi Jones drops the ball and both runners score.  No player wants that to be the memory before she goes off to Missouri.  Kelsi created a bigger memory with a 3-run homer which sealed the victory.

Alas, it’s midnight – and my computer turned into a pumpkin.



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