8-3-2012 Premier Girls Fastpitch Semifinals


August 3 2012

As the clocked ticked inexorably toward midnight four teams were engaged in what-if games to determine the bracket winners for Saturday’s Premier Girls Fastpitch national championship.

Up from the loser’s brackets, Worth Firecrackers defeated Team North Florida 6-4, and So Cal Athletics defeated San Jose Sting Woods 6-3 in 11 innings, forcing what-if games.  They had played six games each in the losers bracket  to reach the semi-finals, which were played on the Huntington Beach parallel fields.

At midnight, the Firecrackers were ahead  7-1 in the 5th.  The So Cal A’s were ahead 4-0 in the 2nd.

The Firecrackers won 7-1.  The So Cal Athletics won 11-0.



San Jose Sting Woods  2, AZ Storm 1
Team North Florida defeated Beverly Bandits 2-1

East Cobb Bullets def Il Chill 5-4
Firecrackers Snyder def GA Elite 11-3
Corona Angels MT def Killer Bees 6-3
Lady Magic def Pumas 10-8

East Cobb Bullets def Firecrackers Snyder 6-5
WA Ladyhawks def East Cobb Bullets 8-2

Lady Magic def Corona Angels MT 4-0
So Cal Athletics def Lady Magic 6-0

So Cal Athletics def Beverly Bandits 7-0

Worth Firecrackers def Sorcerer Blue 5-2
Explosion def Breakers 4-3

Firecrackers def Explosion 5-0
Firecrackers def OC Batbusters 8-2

Cal 3D def Choppers 9-2
Southern Force def NW Bullets 10-7
Southern Force def Cruisers Lyn 15-4
Firecrackers def Southern Force 9-1

Firecrackers def AZ Storm  11-0

Firecrackers 6, Team North Florida 6-4
So Cal Athletics 6, San Jose Sting Woods 3

Bracket Finals
Worth Firecrackers 7, Team North Florida 1
WP Tera Blanco.  LP Carly Hoover.  HR: Gonzales
So Cal Athletics 11, San Jose Sting Woods 0
WP Madi Schreyer.  LP A LLerena.  HR Snaer 2, Geer, Sellers

PGF Championship Saturday
Worth Firecrackers vs So Cal Athletics



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