8-3-2013 PGF National Championships


  • PGF 12U National Championship – 12:00pm
  • Televised on Comcast/FoxSportsWest (Tape)*
  • www.sportsnetusa.net (Web Radio Live)
  • PGF 18U Premier Nat’l Championship – 3:00pm
  • Televised on ESPNU (Tape)
  • www.sportsnetusa.net   (Web Radio Live)
  • PGF 18U Platinum Nat’l Championship – 6:00pm
  • Webcast on www.sportsnetusa.net (Live)

PGF 12U National Championship
The Championship was won 9-0 by the 12-U So Cal Athletics, who defeated the Arizona Suncats.

PGF 18U Premier Nat’l Championship

Team Mizuno Stith vs So Cal Athetics Richardson
Starting pitchers Carlson vs Gourley
SCA’s have won three years in a row, first over Texas Impact, the last two years against the Firecrackers.  An estimated 1300 people attended.

Top 1st: Lorenz opened the game with a solid single to left,  McLean out; Spaulding out, Lorenz stole 2nd. Palomino stroked a single to center, rbi.  Wheaton grounded to 2nd.
Bottom 2nd: Vines grounded to 2nd; Geer flied to right; Wallace grounded to 3rd.
Top 2nd: Flores flied to center; Palacio singled just inside the right field line; Flippen ground into a double play.
Bottom 2nd: Snaer fanned; Canfield singled up the middle; Mercado fouled out to right; Romaine grounded to short.
Top 3rd: Lockwood hit back to Gourley; top of the order, Lorenz reached on an error at 2nd; McLean force at 2nd; Spaulding’s line drive was caught in center, good catch by Geer.
Bottom 3rd: Koenig grounded to short; Mazques reached on an infield single to short, despite a sharp, deep throw by Spaulding; Vines hit into a force at 2nd; Geer  singled to right; runners at the corners, Wallace grounded to 3rd.
Top 4th: Palomino hit back to Gourley; Wheaton flied deep to center; Flores doubled to left center, Swearingen in to run. Palacio whiffed.
Bottom 4th: Snaer walked, first of the game.  Canfield jacked a mighy homer over the left field wall, 2-1.  Mercado laced a single to deep center. Fornby relieved Carlson.  Romaine hit into a double play. Koenig whiffed.
Top 5th: Flippen grounded to 3rd.  Lockwood walked; Lorenz up, Lockwood caught stealing. Lorennz walked; Mclean hit back to the pitcher.
Bottom 5th: Masquez slugged a homer over the left field wall. Vines reached.  Geer fanned. Wallace flied to center. Vines out, left early. Wallace doubled to the wall in right.  Snaer out on a hard throw from Delaney at short.
Top 6th: Spaulding homered. 3-2. Palomino flied to center; Wheaton struck out; Flores singled, the tying run on base, Palacio grounded to short.
Bottom 6th; Canfield fouled out to right. Mercado hit a liner toward 2nd which Flippen snared with a diving catch.  Romaine fanned.
Top 7th: Flippen out 5-3.  Pinch hitter Swearingen, a proven long-ball slugger who has failed to deliver in games this week with runners on base, struck out.  Mclean grounded to short.

GAME SCA’S 3-2.  Their fourth consecutive PGF title.

18U Platinum
Strike Force 10, Dirt Dogs 0 (5)
Summit 2 run homer; Arela 2 run single; Hong 2 run double; Clinton 2 run homer.

Strike Force wins the 2013 Premier Girls Platinum Championship


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