8-4-2012 PGF National Championship

August 4 2012 Bill Barber Park, Irvine

The game was decided on the very last play; Geer hit a bases loaded, 2 run single for a 5-4 win by the So Cal Athletics.

Until the Worth Firecrackers  and So Cal Athletics put together 7-game win streaks culminating in what-if games very late Friday night, the prospects were good that the final would feature two different teams: Team North Florida and San Jose Sting-Woods.  Now, two of the more honored teams in travel ball face each other in a winner-take-all final.  Both have been national champions.  A crowd of more than 1100-1200 occupied the seats and top of the berm under large umbrellas.

V= Worth Firecrackers.  H= So Cal Athletics
Both teams started their aces: Tera Blanco, Danielle Gourley.

T1st. Taukeiaho hbp.  DeWitt lined to Gourley who fired to 1st for double play. J Lindvall grounded to short.  B1st: D Mercado grounded to 2nd.  Canfield singled to left.  Geer, whohad one of four A’s homers in the second Sting game, hbp.  Snaer, who jacked two home runs against Sting, singled to center, runner held at 3rd.  Bases loaded, Tautalafua  drove in a run with a sac fly to right.  M Mercado flied to center.

T2nd: Gonzales looked at a third strike.  Costa flied to right.  Iosefa  Flied high to short.  B2nd: Koenig bounced a single over 2nd base. Munro sacrificed. Smithson walked.  D Mercado, two on, lined to short, hitting the runner Koenig,  out. Canfield up, Smithson scored on a passed ball.  Canfield lined to left.

T3rd: Trailing 2-0, Blanco opens the Firecracker 3rd flying out to center.  Bravo reached on an infield hit.  Wester bunted, Munro’s throw to 2nd for force.  Taukeiaho brought the crowd to its feet with a long, loud foul, then fanned.  B3rd: Geer grounded out.  Snaer reached on an error at short.  Tautalafua grounded into a double play, 6-4-3.

T4th: DeWitt grounded to 2nd.  Lindvall flied to right.  Gonzales flied to center.  B4th: M Mercado  fanned.  Koenig looked at a third strike.  Munro grounded to short.

T5th: Costa beat out a grounder to short.  Iosefa popped to the catcher.  Blanco jacked a 2-run homer over the left field fence.  Bravo  grounded out.  Wester grounded to short.  B5th: Smithson walked.  D Mercado sacrificed.  Canfield reached on a throwing error by the catcher, Smithson scoring, 3-2.   Geer hit into a fielder’s choice.  Snaer out.

T6th: Taukeiaho  grounded to short.  DeWitt doubled to right.  Lindvall singled in the tying run, 3-3.  Sherman pinch runner.  Gonzales  singled to center, rbi, 4-3.  Costa fanned.  Iosefa singled through the hole.  Madi Schreyer relieved Gourley.  Blanco grounded to 3rd.   B6th:  Tautalafua reached but was was forced by Mercado.  Koenig grounded into a double play.

T7th: Firecrackers leading 4-3, with 7 hits to the SCA’s 3.  Bravo reached on an error at 3rd.  Wester whiffed.  Taukeioha grounded into a double play.   B7th: Down to three outs, SCA opened with Munro, who walked on four pitches.  Washizaki in to run.  Smithson fanned.  D Mercado  grounded to Gonzales at  short who bobbled the ball and the runner was safe at 2nd.  Canfield grounded to 3rd, but Taukeioha made the second error of the inning.  Bases loaded.  Geer  drove in 2 runs for the 5-4 win.


Team Mizuno, coached by Mike Stith, def Corona Angels Knighten, 5-1.

WP Weingarner.  LP Garcia.  HR Palomino.

Mizuno rbi: McLean, Palacios, Palomino, Wheaton, Flippen.  Scroggins drove in the Angels run.


Atlanta Vipers 3, So Cal Athletics 2
SCA  P Ari Jarvis  Vipers.  P Tessa Daniels/Taylor DeCelles
Chloe Melanson led off game for A’s, jacking a home run.  Vipers took 2-1 lead in bottom 2nd.  Brielle Grubb and Madison Couch scored.  Top 6th: Melanson laid down a bunt, never stopped running until she reached 3rd; scored on a single by Lauren Van Steenwyck.  The at-bat ended 2 outs later.  Tied 2-2. Grubbs opened bottom 6th with single up the middle.  Couch grounded to 3rd. Crawford hit a sac fly to left, Grubbs scored tie-breaking run, 3-2.  Vazquez  took a third strike.  Now, the pressure is on the Athletics. DeCelles pitching for Vipers.  Pelegrin whiffed.  Brooker singled.  Jiminez at bat, Brooker stole 2nd.  Jiminez grounded to short.  Okazaki  grounded to 3rd, right on the line, and was out on the deep throw.  Despite the cold night air, a few hundred stayed for the late game, which ended at 845pm.

Spy was told afterward thatthe Viper players had a special incnetive to win — to honor former assistant coach Steve Lynch, a much-liked coach and father who died earlier this year.  His daughter Katey is a catcher.




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