8-6-2011 Premier Championships


August 6 2011  Bill Barber Park, Irvine CA

Update on 14’s and 16’s

The 16U championship will be played at 3pm,the 14U at 6pm.

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14U California Breeze 1 vs Firecrackers – Soto 7 final
14U Pastime 2 vs Corona Angels Lockman 6 bottom final
14U OC Babusters – McNee 3 vs Corona Angels Lockman 1 bottom of 2nd
14U Firecrackers – Soto 0 vs Angels KK 0 top of 1st

16U San Diego Renegades – Fox 3 vs OC Batbusters 1 final
16U San Diego Renegades – Fox 3 vs Firecrackers – Blanco 1 bottom of 3rd
16U Cal Lite 7 vs So Cal Athletics 5 final
16U Cal Lite 0 vs Texas Glory Naudin 0 top of 1st


HS Division

The championship matches two of the historic travel ball teams – the Worth Firecrackers and the Southern California Athletics – both of whom have been national champions.  The SCA’s won the inaugural Premier championship in 2010.

The Firecrackers reached the title game by defeating the Beverly Bandits 8-0 (5).  The Batbusters, who have won the most national championships among active travel ball teams, pushed the SC Athletics into a “what if” game late Friday, which the A’s won 5-4.

Both finalists rosters are laden with top players who have committed to some of the nation’s top-ranked academic and athletic institutions.  Schools receiving players (no college players are permitted in Premier) include:  So Cal Athletics: Stanford (2), Ole Miss, Florida (2), North Carolina, San Diego State, Arizona, Oregon, Long Beach State (2), Utah, Penn State and Louisville.  The Firecrackers will be going to: Stanford (2), Arizona, Florida, Tennessee, BYU, Washington (2), Oregon (3), Georgia, Oklahoma, Utah, and Notre Dame.

Observers are agreed the Premier field was well-balanced in 2010 and even more so in 2011 because Premier Girls Fastpitch does not allow returning college players

The Game
A crowd of about 1500 people gathered to watch these stellar athletes.

Top 1st: Chamberlain hbp.  Lahners sacrificed.  Taukelahoa struck out.  Wilson singled to center, rbi.  Lindvall fielder’s choice.  Firecrackers 1-0.

Bottom 1st:  D. Mercado fanned.  Brown hbp.  Tautalafua flied to left.  Plaza walked.  Mercado fielder’s choice, out at 3rd.

Top 2nd: Tarango, one of the better hitting pitchers in the tournament, lined out to right.  White bounced a hit off the 3rd baseman’s glove.  Medina grounded to 3rd.  Iosefa grounded to short.

Bottom 2nd:  Geer walked.  Kelly grounded to 1st.  Munro and Walker struck out.

Top 3rd: Chamberlain singled to left.  Lahners struck out.  Taukeloha grounded to 3rd, fielder’s choice, Chamberlain out.  Wilson singled to center.  Lindvall out 1-3.

Bottom 3rd:  Top of the order.  D. Mercado flied out to left.  Brown walked, the third pass given up by Tarango.  Tautalafua grounded to Tarango, fielder’s choice at 2nd.  Plaza, one of the leading HR hitters of the week, lobbed a single to center, the first A’s hit.  M. Mercado jacked a 3-run shot over center.  Geer grounded to 3rd.  SCA’s 3-1, on 2 hits.

Top 4th:  Tarango singled up the middle.  White sacrificed.  Medina sacrificed.  Losefa singled to left, pinch runner Sherman scored.  Chamberlain was hbp a second time.  Lahners hit into a fielder’s choice.  A’s 3, Firecrackers 2.

Bottom 4th:  Kelly walked.  Munro sacrificed.  Pinch-hitter Ashby walked.  White relieved Tarango in the circle.  D. Mercado, with two on base, ground out 4-3.  Brown fit into a fielder’s choice at 3rd

Top 5th:  Gourley relieved Ramirez.  Taukeloha fouled off several pitches, then walked.  Wilson grounded to short, force at 2nd.  Lindvall doubled to right.  Tarango drove in tying run with a squeeze bunt sacrifice.  White walked, runners at the corners.  Medina at bat, Firecrackers tried to pickle, but the runner at 1st was put out before the runner at 3rd crossed.  Tie 3-3.  Firecrackers had now outhit the SCA’s 7-2.

Bottom 5th:  Tautalafua struck out; so did Plaza.  M. Mercado singled to left.  Geer fanned.  White had struck out the side.

Top 6th:  Medina flied out to center.  Iosefa fouled out to right.  Chamberlain singled off the pitcher’s leg.  Lahner’s singled to left, the ninth Firecracker hit.  Taukeloha, two on, no outs; a passed ball put the runners at 2nd and 3rd; Taukeloha jacked the next pitch over the fence in right, a 3-run bomb, 6-3 Firecrackers.  Ramirez returned to the SCA’s circle.  Wilson out, contact outside the box.

Bottom 6th: Kelly hit a first-pitch home run, 6-4.  Munro grounded to short.  Smithson doubled to center,the fifth SCA hit.  D.Mercado flied to center.  Brown up, Smithson went to 3rd on a passed ball.  Brown, on a 3-2 count, walked, putting runners at the corners.  Tatalafua up, Smithson scored on the third passed ball of this at-bat, 6-5.  An error at 1st on Tatalafua’s grounder to short allowed the tying run to score.  Instead of holding the runner at 3rd, the shortstop made a desperation throw to 1st.  6-6. Plaza grounded to 3rd

Top 7th:  Lindvall walked.  Tarango hit into a fielder’s choice, Lindvall out at 2nd.  White walked.  Costa in to run.  Medina singled to center, Lindvall broke the tie, Firecrackers 7-6.  Two on , Iosofa fanned.  Chamberlain hit into a force at short.  Firecrackers 7-6.

Bottom 7th:  The SCA’s now had 3 outs to defend their 2011 Premier title.  M Mercado ground to 2nd.  Geer bounced to 3rd.    Kelly, who has walked and homered in her last two at-bats, after grounding to 1st, walked on four pitches.  Munro beat out an infield hit.  Crissman into run at 1st.  Smithson was hbp, loading the bases.  D Mercado, hitless today, worked a 3-0, then 3-1, then slugged a single into right field, driving in the tying and winning runs.

So Cal Athletics won for the second year, 8-7, ending a very good game and tournament.

16U Premier Championship

Worth Firecrackers 5, Texas Glory 0

 The Firecrackers reached the title game by defeating San Diego Renegades Fox 6-5.  Texas Glory won a “what if” game against Cal Lite 6-5.

Morales started for the Firecrackers, Littlejohn for Glory.

Top 4th:  A scoreless game tilted sharply to the Firecrackers. One out, Blanco singled past short.  Sanchez walked.  Morales doubled in the first run.  Puga-Gutierrez struck out but Vargas doubled in 2 runs.  Gustafson’s 2-run homer pushed the score to 5-0.  Welborn relieved Littlejohn in the Texas circle.

Bottom 4th: Chavez and Lewis got hits no score; Glory has 3 hits in the game.

Bottom 7th: Glory had 2 runners on via errors, but 2 outs.  Then, Charters singled, loading the bases, the fourth Glory hit.  Tera Blanco took the circle for Firecrackers. Ortiz fouled off several pitches, lined out to 3rd.  End of Game. 

 The Firecrackers scored 5 runs on eight hits.

14U Premier Championship

Batbusters McNee 3, Corona Angels 0

WP  Copeland.  LP McCune

Batbusters scored three runs bottom 3rd.

Bjostad and Vanderhof singled.  Toczynski fielder’s choice; Bjostad out.  Clark walked.  Rowland doubled in the three runs.

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