8-7-10 ASA Gold Championship

East Cobb Bullets win 2010 Gold Nationals.

First time in Gold history no California teams in finals


TN Explosion 1,  Team North Florida 3
TN Explosion ties for 5th place

WP Courtney Radke.  LP Ellen Renfroe.  Kasey Fagan 2-run HR

Impact Gold 5,  Miami Stingrays 1
Stingrays tie for 5th place

WP Rachel Fox.  LP Haylie Wilson.  Delaney, Hawkins 2 rbi each


Impact Gold 0 Team North Florida 3

Courtney Radke and Jackie Traina combined for a 4-hitter.  Kaylee Garner was charged with 3 North Florida runs; Rachel Fox pitched 4 innings of relief.  After Impact stranded two, top 2nd, North Florida scored all three runs.  Hensley drew a lead-off walk; advanced on Engel’s sac bunt; Williams walked; Sami Fagan singled, loading the bases.  Iamurri singled in a run; Kasey Fagan singled in two runs.  Fox relieved Garner.  After Rysarczk walked to open the Impact 4th, Morgan singled.  Trainer relieved Hensley.  Both runners advanced on a wild pitch, but a fielder’s choice play caught the lead runner to end the threat.  With two out in the Impact 7th, Coronado singled, McConnell walked; the runners stole 2nd and 3rd, but Clopton lined out.  Texas Impact Gold ends run in 4th place.


East Cobb Bullets 2, Team Florida 0
WP Lori Spignola 2H 10K.  LP Sara Nevins 5H, 8K
Strong effort by two of the better pitchers in travel ball.  Bullets scored with two out, top 4th.  Hodsgon walked, scored on Coleman double.  Bullets scored again in 5th.  Kase opened the inning with a walk; Hardin and Thomas singled, loading the bases.  Fullem lined out to 3rd.  Kase scored on sac fly by Lawrence.  Both sides went out in order in 6th, Spignola striking out two.  After Bullets went out in order in 7th, Spignola again struck out two, ending the game.

4pm Third Place Game

North Florida vs Team Florida
WP Courtney Radke     LP Kayla Cox
Pre-tournament consensus was that either of these teams could win Gold; now, only one can advance to the championship game, the loser will place third.

Neither team connected in the 1st.  In the 2nd, North Florida’s Powers drew a leadoff walk; she scored with two out on Kelly Hensley’s home run.  Engel walked, pinch runner Rawls was thrown out at 2nd.  Team Florida threatened in the bottom half; Saganowich but was forced by Lanier at 2nd.  Raile fanned, Johnson lined out to 1st.  Brown singled, bottom 3rd, but was also stranded.  Three fly balls ended the 4th for North Florida.  Team Florida also went down in order.

Hensley and Engel singled with one out in the North Florida 5th; with runners at 2nd and 3rd, Williams looked at a third strike.  Jackie Traina relieved Courtney Radke to pitch bottom 5th. Radke had given up two hits, fanning four.  Three groundouts ended the inning.  North Florida went down in order in top 6th.  Bottom half: Brown struck out swinging.  Andrews reached on an error at 1st, but was out at 2nd, 6-2.

Top 7th: Haley Fagan led off  with a fly ball to short.  Kaila Hunt walked.  Hensley struck out.  Traina struck out.  Now, Team Florida was down to three outs in its quest to become the second Florida team to claim Gold (after GC Hurricanes).  Cox had given up 3 hits but her team trailed 2-0.  Bailey Schinella struck out looking.  Chloe Saganowich grounded out to short.  Emily Lanier looked at a third strike, ending the game.  North Florida advances to the 2010 Gold Championship after closing out the losers bracket.  They lost in the second round to Birmingham Vipers 3-0, and have had to win nine games to reach the championship game — where they must defeat East Cobb Bulletds twice to claim the Gold.

 GOLD CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: East Cobb Bullets 6, North Florida 3 (90)

In double-elimination format, North Florida has to defeat East Cobb twice to win Gold.  This was the first appearance in a Gold final for either team.  An appreciative crowd of 600 was treated to an exciting game.

Lori Spingola started for East Cobb; Courtney Radke for North Florida.
East Cobb went down in order, top 1st.  Bottom half: with one out, Iamurri singled, Kasey Fagan jacked a 2-run home run.  Top 3rd: Bullets tied with two runs.  Overstreet and Kase singled up the middle; advanced on Hardin’s sacrifice.  Overstreet scored on Hardin’s groundout.  Downs doubled, Kase scored the tying run.

Top of 4th, Jackie Traina relieved Courtney Radke for North Florida.  Coleman walked but was stranded.  North Florida couldn’t solve Lori Spingola in bottom half.  Top 5th:  Kase belted a one-out triple, and scored when Williams hit into a fielder’s choice, 3-2 East Cobb Bullets.  In the bottom half, two groundouts to 3rd and a fly ball ended the inning.

Top 6th:  Lawrence singled, stole 2nd, advanced to 3rd on Rudnik sac bunt.  Coleman and Hodgson struck out.  Bottom 6th: Kasey Fagan singled up the middle, the 4th hit off Spingola.  Powers struck out looking.  Hunt reached on a fielder’s choice, 5-4, forcing Fagan at 2nd.  Haley Fagan flied out to left.

Top 7th: Overstreet and Kase grounded out.  Hardin reached on an error at 3rd and stole 2nd.  Thomas struck out.  Now, the East Cobb Bullets were three outs away from the 2010 Gold Championship.  Bottom 7th: Hensley flied out to left.  Traina hbp.  Morello pinch runner.  Sami Fagan singled.  Both runners advanced on a wild pitch. Iamurri singled, rbi, Morello’s run tying the game, 3-3.  Kasey Fagan walked.  Powers flied out to center.

Top 8th: Thomas was placed on 2nd as ITB runner; advanced to 3rd on sac bunt to 3rd  by Downs.  Lawrence looked at a third strike.  Rudnik lined to 2nd.  North Florida:  Powers on 2nd, Hunt flied out to 3rd.  Rawls in to run for Powers.  Hailey Fagan struck out.  Hensley flied out.

Top 9th:  Rudnik on 2nd; Anderson pinch runner.  Coleman singled, Anderson to 3rd, Gibson running for Coleman.  Hodgson struck out swinging.  Overstreet delivered what may be the fatal blow to North Florida — a three run home run.  Hardin singled but was out trying to steal 2nd. 

Bottom 9th:  Hensley on 2nd; Traina flied out to 2nd.  Williams reached on error at short. Sami Fagan flied out to center.  Iamurri flied out to left field.

WP Lori Spingola. LP Jackie Traina in relief of Courtney Radke. 

 The East Cobb Bullets win, and are the 2010 ASA Gold National Champions.

 Editor’s note:

While personal considerations kept SPY away (finances and an automobile accident on Thursday), we were able to bring readers all the scores and on Championship Saturday, summaries of the final games.  We want to express our appreciation to ASA’s Julie Bartel who kept the communications flowing — Gametracker was very reliable (for a change), and the tournament board online was up to date.  Thanks, Julie.

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