8-7-10 Japan Defeats USA


Japan defeated Team USA 3-1 in the second round of the 2010 Japan Cup.

The USA scored top 1st on a home run by Alissa Haber.  Japan answered with three runs bottom 4th.

Mika Someya was the winner, Eileen Canney the loser.  The USA outhit Japan 5-3.

Bramlett opened  the game with a single but was caught stealing.  With two out, Haber, the Stanford star who has excelled in international competition this summer (XII Championship, KFC World Cup) jacked a home run.

Langenfeld and Holcombe singled in the 2nd, but were stranded.  Japan had two singles with two outs in the bottom half but also left its runners.

With two out, bottom 4th, Hamamoto singled, Mizoe and Karino walked, loading the bases.  Errors at short (Williams) and in right field (Cochran)  resulted in all three scoring.  Langenfeld relieved Canney.

Yamane pitched the 6th and 7th for Japan.  Arioto walked and Holcombe singled in the 7th but were left on base.

The USA plays Chinese Taipei later today, and has a rematch with Japan on Sunday.


Blaire Luna was the winning pitcher.

Valerie Arioto homered.  Megan Langenfeld, Alissa Haber, Tammy Williams and Jenae Leles had rbi hits.

The USA led 6-0  in the 5th when Chinese Taipei scored its two runs.

The USA, now 2-1, plays host Japan again on Sunday.

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