9-6-10 September 6 Update



SPY’s contract with the webmaster for spysoftballthemagazine.com expired September 1, but I have renewed for one more year, $365, even though I did not publish in 2009, and have not yet published in 2010. Some of the kinds of articles originally conceived for the magazine have instead  been posted on spysoftball.org, and photo features of the kind which once appeared in the magazine have been published on Spy’s Picasa site.  These two sites do not require a subscription.

While I cut back on travel in 2010 for both financial and medical reasons, I have not had enough time to fill eight additional pages a month by myself (in addition to all the material going into the three sites noted above), and neuropathy in both hands limits personal keyboard-based  production.

More, the new SPY format on spysoftball.com actually contains a fund-raising contribution feature readers have used, which is not linked to the magazine.

Still, I feel compelled to honor the subscriptions. 

To generate additional material (beyond news etc for the other websites), I have received offers from several authorities in the field to submit articles, essays, opinions, etc.  Moreover, the magazine will have one or more pages of reader commentary – in short bursts, like Twitter, only with a 200-word limit.  Many readers have asked over the years to be allowed to comment in SPY, and a number of readers have used the comment provision at the bottom of the new SPY format to comment on specific articles.  The comment section now envisioned would be limited to comments on softball-specific matters.

SPY receives numerous political messages from readers, even religious texts, which SPY does not publish, and will not publish in the magazine.  A reader took me to task recently wanting an editorial slamming her daughter’s college coach over playing time.  Out of bounds!

The intention is to publish on the 15th of every month, beginning in September.

Reviving the magazine may or may not generate new subscriptions (yes, I hate PayPal too), but it will satisfy my inner need to honor the outstanding subscriptions. www.spysoftballthemagazine.com.



Sarasota Heat

Kaitlyn Jaeger-SS/UT-USC Upstate

Katie Johnsky-1B/OF-GA Tech

Amanda Mendolia-C-Lander

Sam Messer-P-FAU

Kayla Lombardo, Morris County Belles, committed to Fordham

 Rhode Island Thunder Gold

 2011 Nikki Silva verbal to Bucknell University


People: delete all formats from material you send to SPY; plays havoc with SPY software

Dana Hughes 2011 Is unsigned.  3.3 GPA; Tucson, AZ; Plays for Tucson Elite Gold

(Previous AZ Hotshots); 17th pl @ 16uASA Nationals; Very Good Hitter and quick

hands in fielder; Smart & Athletic

Contact:  ljhughes@yahoo.com

Players name: Tarah Steinbach

Positions: SS/3B/OF

Player has a great work-ethic and is always willing to do the extra work, she is coachable, competitive, a great teammate, unselfish, and has a true passion for the game!

GPA: 3.67  SAT 1420

Throws: Right   Bats (R/L/Switch): Left handed slapper

ASA Team: Xplosion 18A Showcase Team

Head Coach: Steve Sandberg  avsteven@aol.com (661) 733-3510 cell

Player’s E-mail: tarahsteinbach@gmail.com


This is Coach Jody Long at Northeast Mississippi Community College. I am looking for a pitcher/ short stop player that would like to sign with me in August or January or it can be an unsigned player or transfer .

Jody Long

Head Softball Coach

Northeast Mississippi Community College

101 Cunningham Blvd

Booneville, MS 38829

(O) 662-720-7305

(fax) 662-720-7220

(Cell) 662-663-0340


ISF Secretary General Ms. Low Beng Choo and Director of Competition Laurie Gouthro have been in South Africa, meeting on next year’s (age 19-and-under) junior women’s world championship (fast pitch). The ninth edition of the tournament will take place in Cape Town from December 6-17, 2011. An ISF Coordination Commission had been in place for the world championship that took place this year (women’s, in Venezuela) and a similar group will be formalized for next year’s event as well.

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