9-7-2013 WSBC Hails Social Media Blitz

Social Media Blitz Led By MLB Fans, Clubs and Players Boosts WBSC Campaign to Include Baseball-Softball
in Olympic Games Ahead of IOC Vote



#PlayBall2020, Community Support Reaches New Heights, demonstrating digital reach, appeal and interest in baseball-softball and Olympic bid




BUENOS AIRES (ARG) – With just one day to go before the decision that could put Baseball and Softball back in the Olympic Games in 2020, the social media activity that backs the bid of #PlayBall2020 keeps flying high and highlights the enormous strength and potential of the bat-and-ball sports.
In the last two weeks leading up to the IOC final vote, regarding adding a sport to the programme of the Olympic Games in 2020, the #PlayBall2020 Facebook page “likes” were up by an astonishing 98.6% reaching the impressive figure of 100,000 likes today.The Facebook engagement of World Baseball Softball Confedaration (WBSC) is operating at extremely high levels – the number of people “Talking About Us” (which Facebook defines as “the number of unique people who have created a story about the page”, i.e. directly engaged with the content) is running at 35,974, showing how the number of “likes” on the #PlayBall2020 Facebook page represents an active and passionate interest in Baseball-Softball being included in the Olympic Games in 2020.The most shared and commented-on photos on the #PlayBall2020 Facebook page in the last fortnight have been the ones showing how Softball is being played by more women in more countries and cultures than ever before – confirming the great interest and support of women and young girls from around the world.

The twitter followers number of @PlayBall2020 reached 10,872 and is also up by an impressive 51.2% confirming the passion, and displaying the commitment of baseball and softball community to the #PlayBall2020 bid, or as one tweeter @Klattsy (Mark Klatt) put it today: if @PlayBall2020 ask you to RT. Then RT!

Major League Baseball (MLB) has given the WBSC’s social media platforms a tremendous boost by sending messages on their powerful Twitter (3.1 million followers) and Facebook (4.7 million likes) platforms, in a show of support for the WBSC and the Olympic Games.

“The Olympics nowadays are modern, young, with no barriers, open to everybody, social, engaged and so are Baseball and Softball,” said Don Porter.

“Our topline figures are one thing, but our high level of engagement is another: Our tweets are regularly retweeted up to 250 times each, hugely amplifying our message, as our followers are actively engaged in the bid and want us to succeed,”  Don Porter continued.The final decision to take back baseball and softball at the Olympic Games will take place tomorrow in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the 125th IOC Session on September 8th.

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