5-30-2015 WCWS DAY THREE



P Lexi Davis (24-2) vs P Erin Gabriel (17-7) Auburn (54-10) defeated Tennessee (47-16) at the SEC Championship Today, the loser is eliminated, while the winner advances to play UCLA in another elimination game.at 6pm


AUBURN 1:  The first thee batters are hitting .400+.  Howard strikes out. Carosone out 4-3. Cooper walked. Melero singled. Estell out 4-3.
TENNESSEE 1:  Gregg flied to left.  Overstreet out 4-3. Geer singles to left.  Aldrete singls to right, Geer goes to 3rd.  McSwain flies out.
AUBURN 2:  Fagan singles to left.  Wallace singles to left. Rhodes put out on bunt, runners advance.  Waldrop to run for Wallace.  Abbott hits back to Gabriel.  Howard grounds out to short.
TENNESSEE 2:  Koenig, who leads the Vols with 17 HRs, flies high to 3rd.  Gaffin doubles. Geathers walks. Lewis Lewis singles to right, bases loaded.  Gregg who leads the Vols with 51 rbi, hits into a double play.
AUBURN 3:  Carosone (.451, 18 hrs) out.  Cooper walks.  Melero grounds to 2nd.  Estell singles to 2nd, steals.  Fagan at 3-2 squeezes in a run, 1-0 Auburn.   Wallace doubles in two runs with a single.  Cheyenne Tarango relieves Gabriel. Rhodes doubles, run scores, 4-0.  Abbot grounds to 3rd. Auburn 4 runs on 7 hits.
TENNESSEE 3:  Overstreet put out at 1st.  Geer flies deep to center. Aldrete out.
AUBURN 4:  Howard out 1-3.  Carosone out 4-3.  Cooper out.
TENNESSEE 4:  McSwain singled.  Koenig strikes out.  Gaffin fielder’s choice, McSwain out at 2nd.  Geathers singles, Gaffin scores from 2nd.  Auburn 4-1.  Lewis out 5-3.
AUBURN 5:  Melero singles.thru the legs at short.  Estell fielder’s choice, Melero out.  Fagan alao hits into fielder’s choice, Estell out.  Wallace walks. Rhodes 5-3.
TENNESSEE 5:  Gregg singles.  Overstreet single.  Geer  at 3-2 flies to right, Melero fires to 1st for double play.  Aldrete singles.   McSwain walks. Koenig reaches.  Loaded.  With two out, Tarango hits in place of Koenig., singles to right, rbi. 4-2.  Walters relieves Davis.  Still loaded with two out for Gaffin who  flies to left.
AUBURN 6:  Abbot out 5-3.  Howard, top of the order, out 5-3.  Carosone lines to 1st.
TENNESSEE 6: Geathers strikes out.  Lewis fouls out to Cooper.  Gregg Gregg fans.
AUBURN 7:  Cooper lines to Overstreet at 1st.  Melero grounds to 1st.  Estell flies high to short. TENNESSEE 7: Overstreet strikes out swinging.  Geer reaches on an error by Carosone at 2nd.  Aldrete strikes out.  McSwain strikes out.
Auburn survives to face UCLA tonight, Tennessee with a wealth of talent unexpectedly goes home.
NEXT: Alabama vs Oregon


Oregon (51-7) is a newly emergent Pac 12 power under Mike White. Alabama (47-14) is a former WCWS champion. P Cheridan Hawkins for Oregon.  Alexis Osorio for Alabama.

OREGON 1:  Takea out.  Udria out 1-3. Lilley out.
ALABAMA 1: Turner out.  McCleney walked.  Spencer struck out. Bell flied deep to Lindvall at the right field wall.
OREGON 2:  Decker fanned.  JLindvall looked at a third strike.  Glasco grounds to short. ALABAMA 2:  Runyon whiffed.  Hays walked.  Richard at 3-2 drops a double in front of right field wall.  Lafaele strikes out.  Two on, Dare hits a 2-run Texas Leaguer.  Turner out. Alabama 2-0. OREGON 3: Costa strikes out.  LLindvall at 3-2  walks.  Mercado sacrificd.  Takeda singles, rbi.  2-1.  Udria out 6-3.
ALABAMA 3:  McCleney fouled out to 2nd,  Spencer struck out. Bell popped to 1st. OREGON 4: Lilley singles to right.  Decker sacrifice.  JLidval strike out.  Glasco walked.  Costa hbp.   Loaded. LLindvall ground out to 2nd, stranding three.
ALABAMA 4: Runyon struck out.  Hays out.  Richard struck out.
OREGON 5: Mercado out.  TaKEDA bunted for a hit.  Takeda out stealing.  Udria out.
ALABAMA 5:  Lafaele flied to right.  Dare doubled.  Turner singled.  Dare caught in rundown.  McCleney walked.  Spencer struck out. for the third time.
OREGON 6:  Lilley at 3-2 fanned.  Decker looked at a third strike.  JLindvall fanned. 3x.
ALABAMA 6: Bell deep fly.  Runyon flied deep to center.  Hays flied out.
OREGON 7:  The Ducks’ season in which they have been ranked 1 nationally now hangs by a run.  Glasco flied high to short.  Costa struck out.  LLindvall struck out.

Alabama wins and will play LSU tonight,.

5-29-2015 WCWS Day Two



FLORIDA VS LSU #1 Florida (56-6) vs #7 LSU (51-12) Both of these SEC powerhouses have been in the Top Ten all season. Florida and LSU are both riding 6-game winning streaks. The Gators probable starter is Lauren Haeger, 29-1, vs the Tigers Carly Hoover 18-5.  Haeger is also a consistent big hitter who opened against Tennessee with a home run.  The winner advances to Saturday..  The loser falls into Friday’s elimination bracket against the winner of Alabama vs Oregon.


FLORIDA 1:  Stewart tripled to center. DeWitt grounds to 3rd.  Haeger walked.  Merritt bunted safely, bases loaded.  Fuller popped to 3rd.  Castro swung and missed.

LSU 1.  Andrews singled to right.  Landry singled. Bell singled into short left, but Andrews was out at home.  Bases loaded, Kloss ground into a 6-6/3 double play.

FLORIDA 2:  Little flied to Griggs in left.  Schwarz grounded to Jaquish at 3rd.  Munro singled to right.  Stewart grounded to Bourg at 2nd.

LSU 2: Simmons flies to DeWitt in left. Quinn flies deep to Andrews in center.  Bourg bounces back to Haeger.

FLORIDA 3: DeWitt pops to catcher Kloss.  Haeger pops to 2nd. Merritt  hbp. Fuller up, Merritt advances on an overthrow at 2nd. Fuller walked.  Castro fanned.

LSU 3: Griggs who was 3-3 yesterday out.  Andrews flied to left. Landry looked at a  third strike.

FLORIDA 4: Little fans.  Schwarz at 3-2 grounds to Jaquish at 3rd. Munro walks. Stewart grounds to 3rd.

LSU 4:  Bell out by Medina 6-3.  Jaquish grounded to 3rd. Kloss singles to left center. Simmons lines to left.

FLORIDA 5: DeWitt’s hit ricochets off Hoover’s gover and the throw from Bell is not in time, base hit.  Haeger launches a driver over the left field fence, 2-0.  Merritt reaches on a short bunt.  Fuller flies out to left.  Castro at 3-2 walks. Two on, 1 out.  Little replaced by Kvistad; flies deep to right. Schwarz grounds to 3rd,

LSU 5: Quinn fanned.  Bourg flies deep to center. Griggs singles to left.  Andrews 4-3.

FLORIDA 6:  Munro doubled to the left field corner.  Damico to run.  Stewart hit into 6-3-5 double play.  DeWitt launches a solo shot over left field 3-0.  LSU changes pitchers; Selman to face Haeger who grounded to 3rd.

LSU 6:  Landry hit back to Haeger. Bell popped to 1st.  Jaquish out.

FLORIDA 7: Merritt singles thru the hole. Fuller bunts for a hit. McLean up; failed throw to 3rd allowed another run, 4-0.  Schwarz Kvistad . Wheaton PO3.  Munro out.

LSU 7: Kloss flies out.  Simmons back to Haeger.  Quinn looked at a third strike. Florida wins 4-0.


Megan Betsa vs Ally Carda
When Michigan won in 2005, UCLA was seeking a three-peat, having won two titles behind the formidable Keira Goerl.
MICHIGAN 1: Lawrence hit back to Carda.  Romero ground out.  Christner flied to Spaulding at short.
UCLA 1:  Spaulding doubled to center.  Bennett infield single.  Carda walked, bases loaded. LaRosa struck out.  Sataraka singles to left, rbi. Still loaded, Maurice .fouled out to 1st.  Jelenicki at 3-2 bases loaded walked in a run, rbi.  2-0. Goulder was hbp, rbi, 3-0.  Perez up, Michigan changed pitchers: Haylie Wagner.  Perez, two out,  bases loaded,  fanned.  UCLA 3-0.  Stranded three.
MICHIGAN 2: Susalla singled.  Sweet walked.  Montemarano grounded to 3rd, runners advanced. Wagner flied to right.  Blanco flied to Perez in right.
UCLA 2:  Spaulding lined to Romero at 2nd.  Bennett fanned.  Carda flied high to 2nd.
MICHIGAN 3: Ramirez singles thru the gap. Lawrence walked on four pitches.  Romero sacrificed, runners advanced.  Christner singled to right, rbi, 3-1.  Susalla doubles,  driving in two runs, score tied 3-3.  Christner at 3rd.  Sweet at 3-1 walks.  Conference but Carda stays.  Montemarano sac fly to center, run scores 4-3 Michigan.  Wagner drives deep to Perez at the right field wall.
UCLA 3:  LaRosa hbp.  Sataraka singles to left.  Maurice sacrifices, both runners move up. Jelenicki hit to short; Michigan tries to trap a runner off 2nd, allowing LaRosa to score the tying run from 3rd. 4-4.
MICHIGAN 4: Blanco singles to center.  UCLA changes pitchers; SelinaTa’amilo.  Ramirez sacrifices. Lawrence grounds to short. Romero walked. Christner flies to 2nd, stranding two.
UCLA 4:  Goulder struck out.  Perez, a hero in the Oregon game via 2-run double, singles through the hole.  Spaulding flyball.  Bennett 5-3.
MICHIGAN 5: Susalla and Sweet on base, no outs.  Carda returns, still throwing 69mph..  Montemarano sac fly, run scores, 5-4.  Wagner singles to left. Blanco, two on, one out, hits into a 4-6-3 double play. Michigan leads 5-4.
UCLA to stay in contention.  5:  Carda singles to left.  Tying run on base, LaRosa grounds out.  Sataraka, 2-2 this game, looked at a third strike.  Maurice hit back to Wagner.
.MICHIGAN 6:  Ramirez base hit. Lawrence at 3-2 flies to short.  Romero strikes out. Christner doubles to right, rbi, Michigan 6-4. Susalla doubles in a run, Michigan 7-4. Two runs with two out.  Sweet at 3-2 draws a walk.  Montemarano pops to 2nd.
UCLA 6: Trailing 7-4, the Bruins are in dire need of a comeback.  Lose tonight, and have to play two on Friday .  Jelenicki base hit.  Goulder out.  Perez back to Wagner, but the runner advances.  Spaulding flies to a diving Lawrence in center.
MICHIGAN 7:  Wagner flies high to short.  Blanco singles to right.  Ramirez singles past 3rd. Lawrence singles past short, rbi, 8-4.  Romero flies out to right, sac fly.  9-4.Christner doubles to center, rbi, 10-4.  Once again, UCLA relieves Carda.  Johanna Grauer.  Susalla walks.  Sweet fouls out to left.
UCLA 7:  Bennett lined to Ramirez at short.  Carda out 4-3.  LaRosa walk.  Sataraka lined out to Christner in left. Michigan wins 10-4 and moves to Saturday.

5-29-2015 NFCA Names Parker freshman of the year

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Oklahoma’s Paige Parker has been named the NFCA Division I National Freshman of the Year, announced the Association.


Parker was presented with the trophy on Tuesday evening at the NCAA Women’s College World Series Student-Athlete Banquet at the Beacon Club in downtown Oklahoma City.


Parker, the Big 12 Pitcher and Co-Freshman of the Year, made herself known in the circle and at the dish in 2015 as she played a key role in the Sooners reaching the Super Regional and pushing sixth-seeded Alabama to the brink in a tightly contested three-game series in Tuscaloosa. She is just the third player in NCAA Division I history to twirl four perfect games in a season. The Independence, Mo. native is a league-best 28-7 with a Big 12-low 1.65 ERA and .170 batting average against. She has struck out 224 in 217 innings with nine shutouts and three saves. Offensively, Parker hit 394 with five doubles, nine home runs, 43 RBI and 27 runs scored.

Oregon’s Jenna Lilley and Alabama’s Alexis Osorio joined Parker as the other two finalists for this prestigious award.


The NFCA Division I National Freshman of the Year award is voted on by the members of the NFCA’s Division I All-American & Coaching Staff of the Year Committee.


With the Association always searching for innovative ways to promote the sport of softball, the NFCA Division I National Freshman of the Year award grew from an idea to honor outstanding athletic achievement among freshman softball student-athletes throughout Division I.

5-29-2015 Senior Class Award winners

All-American pitcher Lacey Waldrop from Florida State has been selected as the 2015 Senior CLASS Award® winner in softball.

Joining Waldrop on the 2015 All-American First-Team are:
Griffin Joiner, Kentucky
Shelby Pendley, Oklahoma
Kaitlyn Richardson, Minnesota
Kaitlyn Thumann, Baylor

Senior CLASS Award Second-Team All-Americans:
Callie Alford, Georgia State
Farish Beard, South Alabama
Ally Carda, UCLA
Cheyenne Cordes, Cal
Kathlyn Medina, Florida

5-29-2015 NFCA Division I All Americans

2015 NFCA Division I All-American Teams
First Team
Player School
P Cheridan Hawkins Oregon
P Miranda Kramer Western Kentucky
P Shelby Turnier UCF
C Lexie Elkins Louisiana-Lafayette
1B Lauren Chamberlain Oklahoma
2B Emily Carosone Auburn
3B Kasey Cooper Auburn
SS Bianka Bell LSU
OF Haylie McCleney Alabama
OF Allexis Bennett UCLA
OF Kelly Christner Michigan
UT/P Lauren Haeger Florida
DP or UT/Non-Pitcher Amber Freeman Arizona State
At-Large/2B Sierra Romero Michigan
At-Large/2B Kelsey Stewart Florida
At-Large/UT/P Ally Carda UCLA
At-Large/SS Shelby Pendley Oklahoma
At-Large/OF Alaynie Page South Carolina

Second Team

Player School
P Paige Parker Oklahoma
P Megan Good James Madison
P Alexis Osorio Alabama
C Ivie Drake Georgia State
1B Kayla Bonstrom Stanford
2B Alex Hugo Georgia
3B Jenna Lilley Oregon
SS Delaney Spaulding UCLA
OF Bailey Landry LSU
OF Cheyenne Cordes California
OF Janie Takeda Oregon
UT/P Sara Groenewegen Minnesota
DP or UT/Non-Pitcher Sahvanna Jaquish LSU
At-Large/P Megan Betsa Michigan
At-Large/UT/P Rainey Gaffin Tennessee
At-Large/OF Shellie Landry Louisiana-Lafayette
At-Large/C Chelsea Goodacre Arizona
At-Large/DP or UT/Non-Pitcher Stephany LaRosa UCLA
Third Team
Player School
P Carley Hoover LSU
P Lacey Waldrop Florida State
P Allie Walljasper LSU
C Erika Piancastelli McNeese State
1B Shelby Friudenberg Baylor
2B Demi Turner Alabama
3B Marisa Runyon Alabama
SS Kellie Fox Arizona
OF Tiffany Howard Auburn
OF Sierra Lawrence Michigan
OF Katiyana Mauga Arizona
UT/P Jailyn Ford James Madison
DP or UT/Non-Pitcher Cortni Emanuel Georgia
At-Large/OF Emilee Koerner Notre Dame
At-Large/P Haylie Wagner Michigan
At-Large/SS Kristen Brown North Carolina
At-Large/3B Missy Taukeiaho Cal State Fullerton
At-Large/P Aleshia Ocasio Florida
At-Large/OF Kiki Stokes Nebraska