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5-28-2017 NCAA Super Regionals Final Day


LSU 6, Florida State 4
Arizona def Baylor 6-5
Utah vs Washington
Texas A&M 5, Tennessee 3

Texas A&M

LSU vs Florida State
Allie Walljjasper LSU vsout.

LSU 6, FLORIDA STATE 4 Winner plays UCLA at WCWS. T1 Griggs, Jaquish flied out, :Landry popped. B1 Warren out. Cooper strikeout. Powers double. Broderick walk. Gordon flied to short. T2  Doyle single. Sanchez strikeout. Quinn double play. B2 Nada T3 Springfield single. Weinberger runner. Serrett strikeout. Andrews single. Griggs popped to 2nd. Jaquish, al-time LSU leader in rbi, lashed a 2-run double down left field line. Landry single, runners at corners. Doyle strikeout. 2-0 LSU. B3 Warren single. Cooper .strikeout. Powers rbi double. Fielder misplayed. Broderick fly to right. LSU2-1. T4 Sanchez double to left. Quinn grounded to 3rd. Springfield strikeout. Serrett with Sanchez on 3rd via wild pitch walked. POY finalist Burroughs relieved by Meghan King. Andrews infield single loas bases. Griggs notched her 11th straiht hit, bi. Jaquish rbi single to center. Two runs, 5-1 LSU. Landry with two on, two out, strikes out. B4 Harrod reached, shortstop dropped fly. Morgan popped to 3rd. rbi double. Klavermann out 4-3. Warren given pass. Runners at corners, two out. Cooper rbi single. 5-3. Carley Hoover relieved Walljasper. Wild pitch. pop to short ends threat.. T5 Doyle popped to short. Sanchez out. popped to catcher. (Damned ESPN doesnot always flash batter’s name on screen.) B5 Broderick out. Gordon out 6-3. Harrod struck out. T6   Springfield strikeout. Serrett fouled out to 3rd. Andrews grounded to 3rd. B6 Morgan double. Rosario walked. Klaverman walked, four pitches, loading bases. Warren fielders choice at home. Cooper fly to right, rbi, 5-4. Powers runners on 2nd and 3rd hits back to Hoover. T7 Griggs fly to left. Jaquith walk. PR. Landry rbi triple, 6-4. Doyle pops to 1st   Sanchez popped to catcher. Landry set LSU record for most hits. B7 Broderick singles to left. Farris PR. Gordon Wild pitch. single out at 2nd. Harrod fly to center. Morgan flies out to left. LSU returns to WCWS to face UCLA.

Aggies lead 4-3 T4.  Rain delay.  Raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock.

P Harrington for Aggies Matty Moss for Vols
T1 Leach out. x out 4-3. Gregg triple. Vines single, rbi. Bearden walk. Greer force at 3rd. B1 XX 6-3. Show strikeout. Russell fly to right. T2 Weimer out 6-3. xx single to right. xx single to right, Leach Wild pitch error on sac fly scores two. xx single. Gregg walk, Vines walk loads bases, xx out 4-3. B2 out. Aldrette reached on E4. xx8 Vidales single. Coyne head, Bases loaded. sac fly, rbi. 3-run homer by #10. Hudek fly ball. T3 xx 1-3. Weimer single past 3rd. Scoggins fly center. McLain out. B3 PO 3. #3 Bell   raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock /tarps out.
Sartain 3-run homer.  Vidales solo HR in 5th.
T7 Aggies lead 5-3.  Two on, two out.  fly ball out.  B7.  Holcomb po 3.  po3.  Groundout to short propels Aggies to WCWS.  (Editing to follow)(Spy does not have lineups so is dependent on ESPN)

P3 for Arizona.  Kelsee elmon for Baylor.  Danielle O’Toole for UoA
T1  Baylor up 1-0
B1. I out; Mercado up.  Wildcats tied 1-1. Two out, Statman up.
T2  Scroggins  walk.  Christensen sac bunt.  Ellis grounded to 3rd; Scroggins advances. Cargill out 6-3>
B2. Mulipola out.  xxx lined to short.  xx out 4-3
T3. Hawkins reached on error.  Frudenberg  2-run homer.  Baylor 3-1.
B3.  One out.  PO 3.  Mauga who has 92 career homers, walks again.  Mercado out.
T4. Christensen 5-3.  Ellis 1-3.  Cargill out.
B4. Harper out.  Out 4-3.  Out 4-3>
T5.  Walker Single.  Hawkins #2 out stealing.  lined to center.  Frudenberg given pass.  McGlaun single to center.  xx flied to left.
B5. Carranco strikeout.  Hughes reaches on E6. Edior flied to lefy. Perez walk.  Mauga pass, loading bases. Mercado infield single, rbi.  3-2.  Harper rbi single ties game.  Still loaded.  Statman flies to left ending Arizona rally.
T6.  Scroggins out 6-3.  Charlton fanned.  Good drop.  Ellis single to center.  Cargill safe on infield single.  Walker with two on rbi single to center, Baylor 4-3. whoa.  Runner missed 3rd, no run.  If that run had scored, Baylor might have iced the game.
B6, xCarrabco reaches 3rd on error in right,  Hughes Single, rbi, 4-3/ Arizona. How quickly two errors changed the game.    Rodoni relieves Selman.  Perez infield single.  Mauga with bases loaded flies to center.  Mercado walks, rbi 5-3.  Harper struck out.
T7.  The WCWS berth is on the line.  Taylor McQuillin relieves O’Toole.   Hawkins double to right.  Frudenberg pass.  McGlaun 3-run homer.  6-5 Baylor.  Kettler single.  Scroggins out. Christensen out.  Ellis fly to right.
B7.  Statman walk.  #8 PR. Mulipola runner out t 2nd,    walk.  Selman returns.  xx walk.  Hughes fly to center.  Bowling PH out 4-3.
Bayorupsets Arizna 6-5.  and goes bak to WCWS,

P14 Arevalo vs Donovan
out Barnes Barrera single fly/dp
B2 Huskies up 2-0.
T4 #1 on base; single; Castro fly to right.  Two on, strikeout.
T5 Utah again had two on, then loaded the bases with one out.  Scored one run on sac fly.
2-1.  Sandman is calling.

5-27-2017 NCAA Super Regionals Day Three

Today’s Games
Oklahoma 5, Auburn 2  Sooners win WCWS berth
LSU 1, Florida State 0
Florida leading Alabama 2-1 in Gm 3; wins berth
Tennessee def by Texas A&M 6-5
Oregon 6, Kentucky 5
Arizona def by Baylor 6-4
Washington v Utah

Two celebrated coaches. Gasso 3 WCWS titles; Myers 2.
Lopez for OU, for Auburn

T1 Auburn down in order; 16 Caylee Carlson for Auburn B1 Mendes struck out looking. Clifton strikeout. Knighten lined to 2nd. T2   Fagan grounder. Rivera 21 out. Veach 24 hbp. Shea strike out. B2   Romero Safe on bunt. Aviu single; runner safe at 2nd. Pendley 3-run homer. Hatfield out. Wodach double in corner. 3 out. Mendes out. OU 3-0 T3 Jordan out. McCracken homer 3-1. Draper singled, 2nd on wild pitch. Lowary relieved Lopez. Cooper deep fly to left. fly to right/ B3 Clifton out foul. Knighten fly to right. Romero doubled. Aviu looked at third strike. T4 Fagan whiffed. Rivera strikeout. Veach fanned but reached 1st on catcher error. Shea groundout. B4 Pendley groundout. Hatfield groundout. Wodach groundout.
T5 Jordan out at 1st. McCracken fly out. Draper reached on pitcher throwing error. Cooper singled, advanced on error, Draper scored 3-2.
B6 Arnold reached on error. Mendes groundout. Arnold caught stealing. Knighten doubled. Romero flied deep to left. Aviu singled to the pitcher, no play. Pendley rbi 4-2. Knighten scored 5-2. Hatfield. fouled out. Lundberg lined to 1st. 5-2 Oklahoma
T7 Shea singled. Jordan fanned. McCracken flied to center. Draper grounder to 2nd.

Oklahoma wins 5-2. The Sooners can sleep at home Sunday while seven other teams travel to Oklahoma City. At WCWS, Oklahoma will play the winner of the Baylor-Arizona.


LSU evened the best of three series behind a one-hitter by Allie Walljasper.  B3.  Bases loaded, Tigers up 1-0  on Andrews rbi, one f three Tiger hitsoff Meghan King., Doyle  at bat.  Error at 1st on popup foul/  ball down left field line ruled foul, followed by fly to right.  B4 LSU had runners at corners, one out, lead caught in rundown followed by groundout.  The deciding game will be played at noon Sunday.  The Seminoles had won 36 straight in their home park.  Sunday’s final should match their aces: POY finalist Jessica Burroughs vs Carly Hoover.

Gators lead 2-1 B6, Osorio pitching for Bama,  Two out, Reynoso  walked.  McLean at bat, Reynoso to second on wild pitch; McLean out. T7 Kelly Barnhill for Florida, a finalist for Player of Year.    54 safe on bunt single.  Schroder in to run.  Booker struck out.  Grantham forced Schroder at 2nd.  Bobo strikes out, and the Gators are going back to the WCWS where they will play the winner of the Tennessee-Texas A&M super.

p8 Rethlake.  p25   An Oregon win earns a WCWS berth.
.Wildcats have 2-0 lead in 2nd.  B3.  23  25 out.  force.  T4.  Rhodes single.  Groundout. plus groundout; runner to 3rd. Walk.  Lilley flied to center, stranding two runners.  B4 HR #11.  Ray out.  Fly out.  Vick out.  Wildcats 3-0.  T5.  10 singles.  Walk.  sSche 3 walks to load bases.  Rethlake out; Meagan Prince relief.  Two rbi.  3-2.
T7. #5 pitching.   Kentucky 5, Oregon 4.  Two run single puts Oregon ahead 6-5.  Now, two out, runner at 2nd.  Lindvall  rbi 6-4…Now 6-5.  #40 pitching for Oregon.  HINZ batting, strikes out.  #33 grounds out an sens the Duccks to WCWS.


Tied 4-4 inB4,  TAMU up 6-5. T7.  Aggies force a third game

ARIZONA vs Baylor
Wildcats won first game..
Baylor Kelsee Selman.  Taylor McQuillam
0-0 after two.  T3 Perez doubled.  Mauga intentinal pass.  Mercado forced Perez at 3rd.  Harper struck out.  Runners advanced on passed ball. Statman flied out.B3. Ellis single; cCargill popped. walker grounder,  T4. Mulipola and Caranco out.  Hughes singled.  Watson popped to 3rd.  B4. Hawkins popped but Frudenberg singled.  McGlaun fouled out.  Kelter singled, 2nd on error.  PR Browder to 3rd.  Scroggins singled, 2 rbi.  .  Christensen fouled out.  Baylor 2-0
T5. Perez safe on infield hopper.  Mauga walked. Runners advance on error.  Harper singled, 2 rbi tied game.  Statman fanned.  Mulipola  popped to short.  B5.  Ellis flied to center.  Cargill popped to 2nd.  Walker grounded to 3rd.
T6.  Carranco walked. Hughes lined to 3rd.  Edior flied out.  Perez  singled rbi, UofA up 3-2.  Mauga walked.  Mercado singled, Perez scored 4-2.  Harper fielders choice.
B6.  Hawkins flied to right.  Frudenberg doubled.  O’Too;e relieved McQuillin.  McGluan  singled Kettler with runners at the corners struck out.  Scroggins ingled, rbi, 4-3.   Christensen doubled, rbi, 4-4.  Runners 2nd and 3rd, two out, Ellis doubled in both, Baylor 6-4.  Cargill struck out.
T7. Statman singled.  Mulipola popped.  Carranco struck out.  Hughes grounded to 1st.

Baylor wins, forces a third game.


WASHINGTON LEADS UTAH 6-4; Utah takes a 9-6 lead.

5-26-2017 NCAA Super Regionals Day Two


4pm   Oklahoma 4, Auburn 0
5pm    LSU def by Florida State 3-1
6pm    Texas A&M def by Tennessee 8-1
7pm    Kentucky def by Oregon 4-0
7pm    Alabama def by Florida  2-0(Game 2)
7pm    ARIZONA 3, BAYLOR 2
7pm    UCLA 1, Mississippi 0
11pm  Utah def by Washington 10-4


Defending national champion defeated former champion Auburn last WCWS
Makayla Martin vs Paige Parker OU
T1 Mendes leads off for Sooners.  singled.  Clifton fanned.  Knighten singled.  Romero fielders choice.  Aviu runners at the corners walked, bases loaded, two out.  Pendley at 3-2 flied to center.  B1  Draper vs the lefty Parker; fanned.  Cooper whiffed.  Wallace walked.  Fagan grounded out.
T2 Hatfied grounded out.  Wodach  grounded out.  Arnold grounded out.
B2 Rivera flied to right.  Veach doubled down left field line.  Shea struck out.  Podany walked.  Two on, two down, McCracken singled/bunt, loading the bases.  Abbott pinch hit, at 3-2, fanned.
T3 Mendes walked, forced by Clifton at 2nd.  Knighten, Romero grounded out.  B3  Cooper popped; Wallace walked; Parker fanned Fagan and Rivera.
T4  Sooners down in order.  B4  Auburn down in order.
T5 Wodach grounded out.  Arnold singled but was forced at 2nd by Mendes who was caught stealing.  B5 Cooper tripled withn two out but was stranded.  B5
T6 Sooners notch 2 runs.  Clifton fanned.  Knighten hbp.  Forced by Romero.  Aviu simgled, Pendley  doubled; Romero scored.  Hatfield singled, rbi.  Lundberg walked but Taukaleho fanned.  2-0 Sooners.  B6  Auburn no runs.
T7 Sooners built 4-0 lead.  B7 Fly ball to right.  McCracken  struck out.  Draper fanned.
end of Game 1.

Hoover vs Burroughs
Seminoles scored a run in 3rd, when Cooper doubled, scored on error,  then broke a 1-1 tie with 2 run bottom 6th.  on rbi by Broderick and Cooper.
T7 Dawson struck out, Serrett popped.  Andrews grounded out.  Seminoles win 3-1.

Vols lead 8-0 B4
Aggies, facing run rule after Vols sored 5 runs in 3rd, , scored T5, Fritsch scored on Hudek rbi; 8-1.  Now, runners at 1st and 2nd, two out, the rally ended on a strikeout.  First run off Vols Matty Moss in NCAA tournament.    In B1, Leach scored on Vines single.  B2 McClain scored on Holcomb triple; Holcomb scored on a passed ball; Gregg tripled.  3-0.  B3 Lockman drew rbi walk; Weimer rbi walk; Leach rbi single; Hannon scored on Holcomb groundout;McClain scored when Gregg hit into  double play; 8-0.  Now 8-1,
T6 Two out, Cuyos doubled, stranded.  T7  Double play ended the game.  Vols 8-1.

Gourley dueled Littlejohn. Tied one game each. Bama scored both runs on Lorenz home run.
Rubber match tomorrow.

Curses.  Had just finished more detailed report on Gator game but, just as I was ready to hit the publish button, a nurse came in to give me an injection and startled me.  All my work vanished.

Rachel Garcia who pitched last night’s marathon back on the rubber for th Bruins.  Bruins up 1-0 B2.  Ole Miss Runners on 2nd and 3rd, two out.  Popup ended the threat.  B6 one on. best hitter Gonzalez at bat.   Pop to 2nd out of bounds.  B7  One out, Lampton strikes out.  Cox flies to center and the Bruins have punched a ticketfor the WCWS,

Megan Kleist led the Ducks with a 3-hit shutout.

Baylor scored 2 in 6th  to tie but Wildcats scored winner in 7th.  Perez singled; Mauga who had homered earlier, was given a pass.  Mercado singled;  Harper single, rbi.
LP Rodoni.  WP O’Too;e


5-25-2017 Super Regionals Day One

SUPER REGIONALS: Alabama 3, Florida 0

Both teams came to Gainesville as former WCWS champions, and having been top ranked in 2017.

An expected tight game, 0-0, until top 5th, when Bama scored three runs, two on a throwing error by Player of the Year candidate Kelly Barnhill, who overthrew 1st, allowing two runs to score.  A third run scored on an error.

Florida had three hits off Alexis Osorio but trailed 3-0.

A hbp and walk put two Gators on, B5, one out.  A walk loads the bases with twoout, but, at 3-2, Wheaton flies to left.  3-0 Crimson Tide after 5.
Runyon started T6, reaching on an error after striking out.  A walk and Barnhill was relieved by Aleshia Ocasio, one out, two on.  Double play ended that threat.

Gators went quickly bottom 6th.

Bama two on, top 7t.  Two out, Brown back to the pitcher.

Osorio had limited the Gators to three hits through six.  Two quick Ks but then a walk raised Gator hopes. but the game ended ona fly to short right.

Alabama was one-up in this best of three.


UCLA 8, OLE MISS 7 (11)

Kaitlin Lee vs Rachel Garcia.  Top 3, Bruins up 1-0 , Garcia homer in B2.

B3, Spaulding doubled.  Perez hbp.  Misplayed popup loaded the bases.  Jelenick sac fly, 2-0.  Garcia grounded to short. Maurice singled up themidde.  UCLA scored on a catcher error.  Popup ended the frame, 4-0.

Top 4, Rebels two on, two out.  Another walk loaded the bases.  Rebels hitless so far  stranded three when Mckinney hit back to Garcia,  UCLA down in order.  So too Ole Miss in T5.   Tautalafua opened B6 with a single, another single; now Maurice up, runners at the corners, two out, and a fly ball ends the inning.

T6.  Rebels first hit, a Strother single past 1st.  Finney homered, 4-2.  Lampton singled.  Garcia tagged for fourth hit by Horton,.  Two on, one out, Mckinney walked loading the bases. Alyssa Gonzalez a freshman  at bat, Rebels score on wild pitch.  Gonzalez stroked a 2-run ingle and Mississippi had a 5-4 lead.  Cox singled, tw on, one out.  Becker grounded out.  Strother hbp, loading the bases. Finney who homered earlier struck out.

B6.  Now trailing, Nickles popped to 2nd.   Halstead fouled out o left.  Shaw grounded to 2nd.

T7.  Ole Miss down in order, two on strikes.
B7. The Bruins are 32-0 when leading after five.  Spaulding singled, the ninth hit off Lee.  Perez  fly ball to center.  Tautalafua grounded to short.  Jelenicki  with tying run on 3rd , watched as Spaulding scored  tying run on another wild pitch.  Jelenicki popped.

T8.  Mckinney grounded to short. Gonzalez singled. Cox fly ball.  Becker at bat, Gonzalez to 2nd on a pssed ball. Becker struc out.

B8.  Garcia grounded to 3rd.  Maurice lined to short.  Nickles grounded to 3rd.

T9.  Strother fanned.  Finney walked. Back in the 4th, Garcia looked to be cruising for a no-hitter.  Now she looked tired.   Lampton flied to center.  Horton fanned.

B9.  Halstead flied out.  Shaw walked on Lee’s 145th pitch.  Spaulding lined out; Perez fly.
T10. Garcia had thrown 194 pitches.   Syrett singled.  Mckinney reached on a sac bunt.  Gonzalez ripped a 2-run single, but was out at 2nd.  7-5 Ole Miss.  Cox singled.  Garcia had thrown 207 pitches, hercareer high.  one out, Becker singled.  Strother fanned  Kinney struck out.  Kaitlin Lee was clearly the most animated player in either dugout, yet despite all that energy off the rubber, she came out to pitch B10.

Tautalafua singled.  Jelenicki hit into a double play.  Garcia singled.  Maurice singled to center.  Nickles ties the game with a 2-run double.  Winning run at 3rd, Halstead grounded out.

T11.  Garcia pitching the 10th.  Lampton flied to left, Horton fouled out.  Syrett fouled out.

B 11.  Garcia had thrown 232 pitches, Lee 189.  Shaw walked.  Spaulding sac bunt.  Shaw to 2nd.  Perez walks.  Tautalafua struck out on a pitch well off the plate.  Jelenicki singled home the winning run by Shaw.

5-25-2017 Player of the Year Finalists

USA Softball announces Top 3 Finalists for 2017 USA Softball Collegiate Player of the Year

OKLAHOMA CITY – USA Softball, the National Governing Body of Softball in the United States, has announced the Top 3 Finalists for the 2017 USA Softball Collegiate Player of the Year. The winner will be announced at the opening of the 2017 NCAA Women’s College World Series (WCWS) in Oklahoma City. The USA Softball Collegiate Player of the Year award, which is considered the most prestigious honor in Division I women’s collegiate softball, recognizes the outstanding athletic achievement by Division I female players across the country.

Click here to see the Top 3 Finalists for the USA Softball Collegiate Player of the Year Award

Now in its 16th year, previous recipients of the USA Softball Collegiate Player of the Year award are UCLA catcher Stacey Nuveman (2002), Texas pitcher Cat Osterman (2003, 2005 and 2006), Florida State pitcher Jessica Van der Linden (2004), Tennessee pitcher Monica Abbott (2007), Virginia Tech pitcher Angela Tincher (2008), Washington pitcher Danielle Lawrie (2009 and 2010), Stanford shortstop Ashley Hansen (2011), Oklahoma’s Keilani Ricketts (2012 and 2013), Florida State’s Lacey Waldrop (2014), Florida’s Lauren Haeger (2015) and Michigan’s Sierra Romero (2016).

The 2017 Southeastern Conference (SEC) Pitcher of the Year, Kelly Barnhill leads the nation with a 0.35 ERA and ranks in the Top 10 in shutouts and strikeouts.  In just her sophomore season at the University of Florida, Barnhill has racked up First-Team All-SEC honors and boasts a 23-2 record with 310 strikeouts and only eight earned runs allowed through regional play.  Behind the arm of Barnhill, who was named an NFCA First Team All-Region honoree, Florida earned the No. 1 overall seed in the NCAA Softball Championship, and will look to lead the Gators in their Super Regional against Alabama.

A three-time Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) Pitcher of the Year, Megan Good recently completed her junior season at James Madison University, where she amassed a 38-3 record and 0.63 ERA through regional play.  Ranked at No. 3 in the nation in ERA, Good leads the country in shutouts and wins, helping land her First Team All-CAA accolades for the third-straight season.  A dual-threat, Good finished her junior campaign with a .383 batting average, picking up 58 RBI and scoring 34 times.  Good, who made CAA history after being named the 2017 CAA Pitcher and Player of the Year, was recently tabbed an NFCA First-Team All-Region honoree.

The 2017 SEC Player of the Year, Meghan Gregg ranks in the Top 10 in the country with a .440 batting average, while accumulating a .555 on-base percentage, 77 RBI, and belting out 14 home runs.  Gregg, who is in her junior season at the University of Tennessee, leads the SEC in nearly every offensive category, including batting average, slugging percentage, RBI and total bases.  Recently named an NFCA First-Team All-Region honoree, Gregg will look to lead Tennessee back to the NCAA WCWS as the Vols host the Knoxville Super Regional against Texas A&M.

The winner of the 2017 USA Softball Collegiate Player of the Year Award will be announced on May 30 at the team-only banquet just prior to the start of the NCAA WCWS.

The USA Softball Collegiate Player of the Year award is voted on by coaching representatives of 10 Division I Conferences in the 10 USA Softball Regions, members of the media who consistently cover Division I Softball across the country as well as past winners of the award.

In addition to bestowing the USA Softball Collegiate Player of the Year award, USA Softball is now in its 15th season of presenting the Softball Collegiate Top 25 Poll and the USA Softball Collegiate Player of the Week, which are announced Tuesdays during the regular season.  A complete history of the USA Softball Collegiate Player of the Year Award, past Top 25 Polls and Player of the Week honorees are available at