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1. Florida  12, Troy 0 (5)/def Indiana 8-0 (5) no-hitter

2.  Tennessee vs Nebraska/vs Oregon State

3.  Washington  vs BYU

4.  Arizona State vs Boston College/vs Idaho State

5.  Kentucky def by Michigan 3-0/upset by Kent State 3-0

6.  Oregon def Fordham 3-2/vs Virginia

7.  Michigan def Kentucky 3-0/def Kent State 1-0

8.  UCLA def Missouri 4-3/vs Maryland

9.  Alabama def Virginia Tech 14-2/def UCF 1-0

10. Florida State def UCSB 5-2

11. Nebraska vs Tennessee

12. Texas A&M  def CS Northridge 12-0 (5)

13. Stanford def by  LSU 5-3

14. Arizona  def UNLV 14-1 (5)

15. Baylor def Cal 13-0

16. Missouri  def by UCLA 4-3

17. Georgia

18. Oklahoma def Syracuse  6-2

19. South Alabama def Lehigh 13-9

20. Louisiana Lafayette upset by James Madison 3-0/def Hofstra 7-4

21. Minnesota def Army 12-1/def Hampton 8-0

22. Tulsa def Georgia Tech 11-3/DH Georgia Tech 2-1

23. LSU 5, Stanford 3

24. Notre Dame upset by Cal 5-3/vs CS Fullerton

25. Texas def Fresno State 5-0


resumed from Friday
USF 5, Illinois State 0
DePaul 8, Connecticut 0 (5)
UMass 3, College of Charleston 13 (5)
Louisiana Lafayette def by James Madison 3-0
Saturday schedule
Illinois State 1, James Madison 0
DePaul 10, Rutgers 6
College of Charleston 5, UConn 0
USF vs James Madison
Hofstra def by Louisiana Lafayette 7-4
Rutgers 3, UMass 0
College of Charleston vs DePaul
USF 8, Louisiana Lafayette 5
Hofstra 8, Illinois State 4
UMass 8, UConn 7


Oklahoma def Syracuse 6-2
— WP Stevens.Lp Taylor. Johnson HR Syracuse.  OU Martinez 3rbi; Pendley 2.
Oregon def Fordham 3-2
— WP Hovinga.  LP Gillen. Ducks 3-run 2nd.  Ortiz HR Fordham
Texas def Fresno State 5-0
— WP Smith.  LP Compton. Stephens 3-run homer.
Texas A&M def Northridge 12-0 (5)
— WP Marks  LP Elder.
UNLV 11, UC Davis 4
Cal def Notre Dame 5-3
— WP Omtiveros  LP Rhodes.  Irish scored 3 top 7th aftere Cal scored 5 in 6th.
Oregon State def Pacific  11-3 (5)

— WP Najdek,  LP BonnetChirichingo 4 rbi; Gonzalez 3, Gilmore 2.
Virginia 10, Fresno State 11
— WP COMPTON  lp Mayer.Brazil 4 rbi, hr.
Arizona def UNLV 14-1 (5)
— WP Floyd 3-hitter. LP Oliveto. Fox 2H, 4RBI, hr. Rodriguez 3rbi, hr.
San Diego State def by Northwestern 4-2
— WP Wood. LP O’Toole.  Jackson 2-run homer.
UCLA def  Missouri 4-3
— WP Carda in relief.  LP Finucane in relief.  Two out, bottom 7th, Finucane walked Spaulding,
— LaRosa, Sataraka belted walkoff 2-run double.
LSU def Stanford 5-3
— WP Corbello.  LP Schreyer. Tigers trailed  3-2, scored 3 runs in 7th.  Falcon, Plaza homers.
Virginia def by  Oregon 12-3 (6)
— WP Smith-Willett.  LP Chapdelaine. HRs Harris, Goodrun, Knapp.
Cal def by Baylor 13-0
— WP Canion 2-hitter. LP Finch.  Baylor 15 hits, scored 6 in top 7th.
CSUN def by  LIU 6-2
— WP Procter.  LP Protek.
LIU vs Northwestern
UCLA vs Maryland
Nebraska vs Tennessee
CS Fullerton vs Notre Dame
Cal Poly vs Maryland
Oregon State vs Tennessee
CS Fullerton vs Boise State
BYU vs Washington
Long Beach State vs Oklahoma State
Long Beach State vs New Mexico

Late Friday

Kent State 3, Kentucky 0
— WP Johnson 1-hitter.  LP Smith
Michigan 3, Kentucky 0
— WP Hayley Wagner 2-hitter.  LP Nunley.  Lawrence 2 rbi.  UM 9 hits.
Florida 12, Troy 0 (5)
— WP Haeger 1-hitter. Haeger 4 rbi, Tofft 3.
Florida 8, Indiana 0 (5)
— WP Rogers No-hitter. LP Murphy.
Louisville 3, Central Michigan 2
South Carolina 7, Gardner-Webb 0
South Carolina 9, Michigan State 0
Ole Miss 2, Northern Colorado 0
Auburn 13, Jacksonville State 3
Pittsburgh 3, Penn State 1
Louisville 12, IUPUI 1
Southern Miss 11, Detroit 0
Alabama 1, UCF 0
— WP Jury 2-hitter,  LP Audas.  Tide Iamuri scored with 2 out B7.

2-19-2014 Spy Softball Update




NFCA will host its annual tournament February 21-23 in Clearwater.


Participating teams include:  College of Charleston, Connecticut, DePaul, Hofstra, Illinois State, James Madison, Louisiana Lafayette, Massachusetts, Rutgers and South Florida.


(The schedule for the Mary Nutter Classic at Cathedral City will be published separately.)



Gametracker is in sleep mode. ESPN College Sports is good in real time for Top 25 teams. Softball Scores Now lists games in every conference but they are inconsistent on scores and often show games that are no longer in play because of schedule changes. I try to be current and accurate on Top 25 and each night I read a number of individual college web sites. Spy is not as comprehensive in reporting on the smaller conferences, even though I am often checking scores at 2am, and wish I could afford an assistant to check more scores.  I really miss Ultimate College Scoreboard.  THE NFCA website is good – when the SIDs report the scores.  Point Streak is not yet pnline.



Humboldt State Leaps to No. 1 in First NFCA Division II Regular-Season Poll



LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Humboldt State (12-1) continued its national resurgence by ascending into the No. 1 spot in the first NFCA Division II softball poll of the 2014 regular season.

The Jacks received seven of 16 possible first-place votes to rise from fourth into the No. 1 spot. HSU sits on top by eight total points despite No. 2 West Texas A&M (13-0) actually earning more first-place nods (eight) this week from the NFCA Division II Top 25 committee. The Lady Buffs advanced all the way from eighth in the preseason poll into the second spot.

Following a 53-win campaign in 2013, Humboldt State has christened the 2014 campaign at 12-1 after sweeping through the Desert Stinger Classic in Las Vegas, Nev., at 5-0 and, most recently, taking three-of-four match-ups from California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) foe Cal State San Bernardino.

Lone Star Conference power West Texas A&M has followed up last year’s 44-win season with a perfect 13-0 start to 2014. The Lady Buffs wasted little time making an early-season impression nationwide by securing a big 5-4 win over then-No. 1 and defending national champion Central Oklahoma at the Desert Stinger Classic in Las Vegas, Nev.

At 8-2 thus far in 2014, Alabama-Huntsville rose from ninth to third, taking over the position vacated by new No. 4 Grand Valley State (0-0). Armstrong Atlantic held steady at No. 5, while also picking up a first-place vote in the latest poll.

Slots six through 10 look completely different from those in the preseason as Texas Woman’s (12-3) leapt from 14th to sixth, Tampa (5-0) advanced from No. 13 to No. 6, Augustana (4-1) skyrocketed 14 positions into eighth, California Baptist (11-2) rose from among the unranked all the way to No. 9 and LIU Post slid up one position into the 10th slot.

In all six teams dropped out of the first regular season poll of 2014, including preseason No. 1 and defending national champ Central Oklahoma (6-5), No. 7 Indianapolis (4-4), No. 10 Southeastern Oklahoma State (5-4), No. 12 St. Martin’s (2-5), No. 17 Angelo State (9-5) and No. 25 Columbus State (9-4).

Additional teams new to this week’s NFCA Division II poll included No. 14 (tie) Fort Hays State (5-1), No. 14 (tie) St. Mary’s (TX – 10-3), No. 17 Wayne State (MI – 5-1), No. 24 Wingate (8-0) and No. 25 Emporia State (7-2).

The NFCA Division II Top 25 Poll is voted on by 16 NCAA Division II head coaches with two representing each of the eight NCAA regions.








1 Humboldt State (7) 12-1 390 4
2 West Texas A&M (8) 11-0 382 8
3 Alabama-Huntsville 8-2 352 9
4 Grand Valley State 0-0 351 3
5 Armstrong (1) 7-3 344 5
6 Texas Woman’s University 12-3 292 14
7 Tampa 5-0 272 13
8 Augustana (South Dakota) 4-1 263 22
9 California Baptist 11-2 243
10 LIU Post 0-0 232 11
11 Missouri-St. Louis 5-1 214 18
12 North Georgia 7-5 193 15
13 UC San Diego 8-2 163 21
14 Fort Hays State 5-1 162
St. Mary’s (Texas) 10-3 162
16 Barry 7-2 151 24
17 Wayne State (Michigan) 5-1 119
18 Caldwell 0-0 112 19
19 Valdosta State 9-5 107 6
20 California (Pennsylvania) 0-0 91 16
21 Anderson (South Carolina) 8-0 87 20
22 Dixie State 9-2 84 23
23 Kutztown 1-3 80 2
24 Wingate 8-0 75
25 Emporia State 7-2 69

Others receiving votes:

Angelo State (53), Indianapolis (32), Central Oklahoma (23), Missouri Western State (23), Southeastern Oklahoma State (14), Columbus State (11), Central Washington (9), Florida Tech (9), St. Edward’s (8), New Haven (7), Winona State (7), Molloy (5), Bloomsburg (3), Cal State Monterey Bay (3), Metro State (2), St. Martin’s (1).

Dropped out:

No. 1 Central Oklahoma (6-5), No. 7 Indianapolis (4-4), No. 10 Southeastern Oklahoma State (5-4), No. 12 St. Martin’s (2-5), No. 17 Angelo State (9-5), No. 25 Columbus State (9-4).


Maxim magazine has a photo of Winter Olympics announcer Tara Lipinski, who won Gold at 15, and is now 27, in her black undies.



Until Tuesday, there was more real snow in my backyard than on Sochi’s slopes.


Waited in vain for one of the announcers gushing over the young Russian ice queen to note that she was born in Ekaterinburg – and why that city in the Urals is famous.  Until Yeltsin had it torn down, the House of Special Purpose was ignominiously where Czar Nicholas and his family were murdered.


The world’s most honored ice sculpture festival is in Harbin China.  Superb photos.  Once considered the most Western-influenced city in China, Harbin had fallen on hard times, and the Central government was seeking investors.  Japan offered discounted construction and farm equipment, all made in Japan.  The USA offered economic aid – with restrictions linked to labor relations.  Britain offered aid tied to Hong Kong considerations.   Their governments forgot that the seven major financial centers in Asia were all controlled by men of ethnic Chinese descent.  Lee Kao Yuan, the ruler of Singapore, stepped into the situation, and deployed top monetary aid Gloria Foo, the notorious Madame Foo, very tall, very pretty, to Harbin with a blank checkbook.  Gloria, who was a close friend, later told me of her ventures.  We celebrated over champagne at an elegant private dinner in Singapore.


Washington Post published list of songs chosen for Michelle Obama’s birthday.  Never heard of any of them, or the originating artists.  Give me the big bands, and the country and folk singers.  Peter Yarrow is a good friend; we lived down the road from each other in the Catskills.  Did not care for Bruno Mars; switched to the Animal Planet.

2-8-2014 Saturday D1 Games



Spy report will be updated throughout evening

Spy signs off at midnight

TOP 25 GAMES February 8
NFCA Rankings January 28 pre-season
new national polls on Tuesday


1.  Tennessee def Northern Colorado 8-3/def Georgia Southern 1-0

2.  Oklahoma def Santa Clara 10-1 (5)/def Loyola Marymount 11-1

3.  Washington vs UNLV/def  Arkansas 6-1

4.  Florida def Michigan/Gators up 9-4 in 8th/final

5.  Michigan def by Florida 9-4 (8)/def South Florida 3-2

6.  Alabama def Middle Tennessee 9-1/def Northwestern State 16-0

7.  Arizona State 9, Penn State 1 (6)

8.  Oregon def NC State 5-0/def Appalachian State 9-1

9.  Nebraska def New Mexico State 9-1 (5)/def New Mexico State 11-0

10. Texas def Louisiana Lafayette 10-7/vs No Iowa

11. Texas A&M vs CS Bakersfield 14-8/def UCSB 8-0

13. Louisiana Lafayette def North Carolina 8-5/def by Texas 10-7

14, Missouri

15. Florida State def UTEP 8-0/def St Mary’s 11-3

16. UCLA def Delaware 7-0

17. LSU def Oklahoma State 1-0/vs Murray State

18. Baylor def UC Davis 17-1/vs UNLV

19. Louisville def Ohio State 5-4 (8)/def by Tulsa 4-0

20. South Alabama def McNeese State 4-1/def Syracuse 8-0

21. UAB lost to Syracuse 3-2

22. Stanford def Indiana 9-0/def Western Michigan 15-0 (no hitter)

23. Georgia def James Madison 8-2/def North Texas 7-4

24. California def by Creighton 6-4/def Bradley 10-3

25. USF lost to Michigan 3-2/  Illinois State ccd


Congratulations to Nebraska coach Rhonda Revelle on her 800th win.


scores will be updated by Spy and others


Kentucky 3, George Washington 0
Kent State 6, George Washington 4

Virginia Tech 5, Tennessee State 0
Virginia Tech def Miami  OH 6-1

Charlotte def Gardner Webb 8-0
Gardner Webb 6. Charlotte 3

Tennessee Martin def Houston Baptist 4-2

Northern Colorado 11, Oakland 7

Northern Illinois 6, St John’s 2

Houston Baptist 24, Jackson State 1

North Carolina 3, Purdue 2

Ohio State 6, Northern Illinois 2

Samford 4, Florida A&M 2

Oklahoma 10, Santa Clara 1 (5)
Casey solo, 4 rbi;  3run HR Pendley; Casey WP

Oklahoma 11, Loyola Marymount 1
Sooners scored 7 runs in 4th; 3 walks with bases loaded.
Sooners nailed triple lay in 4th: Pendley, Henson, Chamberlain.
WP Kelsey Stevens.

Florida/Michigan tied 4-4 in bottom 7th; 9-4 Gators score 5 top 8th
Sierra Romero grand slam; Gators tied with 4 runs in top 7th on
Munro 3-run double; top 7th: Castro rbi double, Castro 2-run homer;
Fuller 2 run HR off Wagner relief of Driesenga;  Gourley winner.

South Dakota State 4, Notre Dame 1
Notre Dame 9, Tennessee Tech 1

IPFW 5, Campbell 0
IPFW 9. Massachusetts Lowell 3

Texas A&M 8, UC Santa Barbara 0
Texas A&M 14, CS Bakersfield 8

Elon 8, North Carolina Wilmington 3

Western Kentucky 6, Georgetown 0

CSU Bakersfield 1, Dayton 0

Stanford 15, Western Michigan 0
Madi Schreyer WP and Nyree White combined for 5 inning no-hitter
Cardinal had 14 hits inc Roulund homer

San Jose State 10, Indiana 7

Louisiana Lafayette 8, North Carolina 5

Central Michigan 5, Illinois Chicago 2

North Florida 2, Middle Tennessee 0

Armstrong 2, Rollins 0
Nova Southeastern 5, Armstrong 3

Buffalo 4, Alabama State 3
South Dakota def Kansas 5-1
UCF def Kansas 1-0

Mississippi State 6, No Kentucky 1
Mississippi State 9, Jacksonville State 1

Louisville 5, Ohio State 4 (8)
Cardinals trailed 4-0 after 5; Keller rbi in 8th.  LeCoq winner

Tennessee 8, No Colorado 3/def Georgia Southern 1-0
Lexi Overstreet and Taylor Koenig homered in first game;
Ellen Renfroe struck out 10 in nightcap; Taylor Koenig homer.

UCLA 7, Delaware 0 (1-hitter)
Bruins defeated Delaware 10-0 on Thursday behind Ally Carda no-hitter; shut out
Hampton 17-0 on 2-hitter by Jessica Hall; def Hawaii 7-2 on Friday, 2-hitter by Paige McDuffie.
Today 1-hitter by Hall, HR Stephanie LaRosa

Arizona State 9, Penn State 1
Johnson 4 rbi, 2 H inc homer; WP Popescue

Nebraska 9, New Mexico State 0 (5)
WP Tatum Edwards.  Hailey Decker 2-run homer

Michigan 3, South Florida 2
WP Megan Betsa,  UM 2 runs in 6th.

LSU 1, Oklahoma State 0
Freshman Baylee Corbello allowed one hit while striking out 13.  Struck out two to win the game
with bases loaded.Sandra Simmons homered in the 2nd.

Too Late for Spy:

LSU vs Murray State
Texas vs Northern Iowa
Washington vs UNLV

Spy signed off at midnight

2-5-2014 Spy Update Weekend Games


February 5 2014



6-8          Coll         Kajikawa Classic, Arizona State
6-8          Coll         Oceanic Time Warner Cable Classic, Honolulu
6-8          Coll         Long Beach Invitational
6-9          Coll         South Florida Tournament, Tampa
7-8          Coll         FIU Tournament, Miami
7-9          Coll         Louisiana Lafayette Tournament
7-9          Coll         LSU Tiger Classic  Tournament, Baton Rouge
7-9          Coll         FGCU 4 Points
7-9          Coll         FAU Kickoff Classic, Boca Raton
7-9          Coll         Music City Classic, Nashville
7-9          Coll         Beach Invitational, Long Beach
7-9          Coll         Easton Tournament, Fullerton
7-9          Coll         Sportco Kickoff, Las Vegas
7-9          Coll         Felsberg Memorial, Miami
7-9          Coll         Stetson Tournament, Deland FL
7-9          Coll         Georgia Southern Tournament, Statesboro
7-9          Coll         Hotel Encanto Invitational, Las Cruces
7-9          Coll         Red and Black Showcase, Athens GA
7-9          Coll         Rosemont Rumble, Rosemont IL
7-9          Coll         Century Classic, San Marcos TX
7-9          Coll         UCF Knight Invitational
7-9          Coll         Plainsman Invite, Auburn
7-9          Coll         South Alabama Mardi Gras, Mobile
7-9          Coll         Mississippi State tournament, Starkville
8-9          Coll         Auburn Invitational
8-9          Coll         USF Wilson- Demarini tournament, Tampa
8-9          TVL         Surf City Valentines Day, Huntington Beach
8-9          Coll         Triple Crown college classic, St Augustine




USA secures No. 1 seed in playoffs with 4-1 win over Cuba; Rain causes schedule changes for playoffs
(NOTE: Schedule change for playoffs –  USA will face Cuba at 1 pm EST on Friday, August 9 for the Gold Medal Game of the Mayors Cup)


2013 Women’s Cumulative Stats


San Juan, Puerto Rico – The USA Softball Women’s National Team completed round robin action of the Mayor’s Cup Thursday afternoon with a 4-1 win over Cuba.  With the win, USA secured the No. 1 seed in the playoffs, which were originally scheduled to start this evening but were postponed until Friday due to rain.  In a turn of events due to the rain, No. 3 seed Canada will play No. 4 seed Puerto Rico for third place, while USA will face off against No. 2 seed Cuba at 1 pm EST Friday afternoon.


Jessica Moore (Sutter, Calif.) got the start in the circle for USA and retired the first three batters faced with a strikeout, a pop out and a groundout to shortstop Taylor Thom (Cedar Park, Texas).  The U.S. would start things early in the bottom of the first as Raven Chavanne (Thousand Oaks, Calif.) got on base with a walk.  Two batters later, Amanda Chidester (Allen Park, Mich.) sent a single to right field to put runners on first and third.  Chavanne would then score on a double steal to put the U.S. up 1-0 entering the second inning.


Another three batter inning for Moore brought the U.S. back to the plate in the bottom of the second with Nicole Hudson (Webb City, Mo.) leading off for the Red, White and Blue.  With a 1-1 count, Hudson sent a shot over right field fence, recording her first home run of the 2013 season and putting the U.S. up 2-0.


Cuba would get two runners on base in the top of the third inning as back-to-back singles at the bottom of the lineup put runners on first and second with one out.  The U.S. defense kept a run from scoring though, as Moore got the next two batters to groundout and bring USA back to the plate.  Michelle Moultrie (Jacksonville, Fla.) and Chavanne started off the top of the third with a pair of singles.  Chidester then sent a deep ball to center field for a sac-fly to score Moultrie and extend the U.S. lead to 3-0. 


Cuba would put a run on the board in the top of the fourth inning when Yanitza Aviles started off the inning with a double.  A single by Maritza Toledo put runners on the corners, and Yarisleidis Casanova would hit into a fielder’s choice to plate Toledo and prevent the shutout.  Moore would retire the next batter with a groundout before Cheridan Hawkins (Anderson, Calif.) entered for relief with two outs and one runner on base.  Hawkins then retired her first batter faced with a strikeout to end Cuba’s rally.


No additional runs were scored until the bottom of the sixth inning when Thom hit a sac-fly to right field to score Rhea Taylor (Atlanta, Ga.), who pinch ran for Hudson who reached base on a single.  With the Thom sac-fly, USA would close out the game after the top of the seventh with the 4-1 win.


“It’s great to play games against teams we haven’t faced yet this year,” said Chidester. “Everyone on the team has come together even more and it’s a lot of fun to get back out on the field with these girls.  We’re hoping the weather holds up so we can get some more games in before the qualifier.”


From the circle, Moore earned the win with one strikeout, four hits and one run scored through three and two-third innings pitched.  Hawkins completed the final three and a third innings, issuing eight strikeouts and allowing one hit. 


USA will face Cuba again for the second time in as many days Friday at 1 pm EST for the Gold Medal Game.  Due to the weather delays, the No. 3 and No. 4 seeds Canada and Puerto Rico will face off for third place, while the No. 1 and No. 2 seeded USA and Cuba move to the Championship Game. Live stats and online streaming is available during the Mayor’s Cup, and links can be found by visiting


Hoagland knocks in six runs against Puerto Rico; Helps USA move to 3-0 at Mayor’s Cup

2013 Women’s Cumulative Stats

San Juan, Puerto Rico – In front of stadium full of hometown fans, the USA Softball Women’s National team earned its third win at the Mayor’s Cup over host country Puerto Rico in a 10-1 (five inning) run-rule Wednesday evening.  Originally slated to play a double header, rain in the San Juan area caused a rescheduling of games, pushing USA’s first matchup of the day against Cuba to Thursday at 1:30 pm EST.

The U.S. put runs on the board in three of four innings, as six players combined for eight hits with Taylor Hoagland (Flower Mound, Texas) leading the way, going 2-for-3 with two triples and six RBI.

Puerto Rico put two runners on base in the top of the first inning as Sara Nevins (Pineallas Park, Fla.) gave up a hit and a walk to the first two batters.  USA’s defense kept the Puerto Rican bats at bay as Rhea Taylor (Atlanta, Ga.) made a diving catch in left field to make the first out.  Taylor then tossed the ball to shortstop Taylor Thom (Cedar Park, Texas), who picked off the runner at second base to record the double play.  Thom then caught a popup for the third out .  USA scored its first run of the game in the bottom of the first after Lauren Gibson (Pasadena, Md.) was put on base with a walk.  Valerie Arioto (Pleasanton, Calif.) brought Gibson home with an RBI single to put the U.S. up 1-0.

Nevins retired Puerto Rico in order in the top of the second inning with three strikeouts.   In the bottom half of the inning, Team USA picked up seven runs on five hits and three walks. Thom, who recorded two hits in the inning, started the U.S. rally with a double before scoring on a single by Destinee Martinez (Corona, Calif.).  Taylor was issued a walk and Lauren Chamberlain (Trabuco Canyon, Calif.) was hit by a pitch to  load the bases for Amanda Chidester (Allen Park, Mich.) Chidester then hit a single to right field to score two runs and extend the U.S. lead to 4-0.  A walk to Arioto would load the bases for the second time, brining Hoagland to the plate.  A deep fly ball to the fence gave Hoagland a three-run triple and she would score on a bad throw from the center fielder to clear the bases.  At the end of the inning, the U.S. led 8-0.

Puerto Rico would score a run in the top of the third inning after Nevins issued a walk to Monica Santos.  Karla Claudio then sent a shot to right centerfield, recording a triple and plating Santos.  The U.S. was retired in order in the bottom of the third, bringing Puerto Rico to bat trailing 8-1.  Aimee Creger (Yukon, Okla.) entered in relief for Nevins in the top of the fourth and recorded a three batter inning with two pop ups to Thom and a strikeout.

In their final at-bat of the game, the U.S. scored an additional two runs in the bottom of the fourth after Arioto was issued her second walk of the game.  With the runner on first, Hoagland connected for another RBI triple and would score on another errant throw by the center fielder.  With a 10-1 lead, USA’s defense continued to shine as a flyout to right field, a strikeout and a groundout to Kourtney Salvarola (Arnold, Md.), who entered the game for Thom in the bottom of the fourth inning, ended the game after five innings due to a run-rule.

From the circle, Nevins picked up the win, issuing four strikeouts and giving up two hits and one run through three complete innings.  Creger pitched the final two innings of the game, striking out two with no hits.

With the win, USA moves to 3-0 in pool play at the Mayor’s Cup.  The USA will play their rescheduled matchup against Cuba at 1:30 p.m. EST Wednesday before entering playoffs that evening. Live stats and online streaming is available during the Mayor’s Cup, and links can be found by visiting


Head Coach Kate Drohan’s Contact Extended Through 2018

13th-year Northwestern leader receives five-year extension

Aug. 8, 2013

EVANSTON, Ill. — Northwestern Vice President for Athletics and Recreation Jim

Phillips announced today (Aug. 8) the signing of NU head softball coach Kate

Drohan to a five-year contract extension. The extension ensures that Kate, who

along with her twin sister, associate head coach Caryl Drohan, has led the

Wildcats program since 2002, will continue the Drohan era in Evanston through



“Northwestern softball under Kate Drohan has separated itself as a model program

for combining on-field success with outstanding work in the classroom and the

community,” Phillips said. “Her student-athletes have achieved record-breaking

numbers of Academic All-Big Ten awards and community service activity in recent

years. Her program has won multiple Big Ten championships and has a tremendous

record of success in the NCAA Tournament and Women’s College World Series. We

could not be more excited about the Drohan era continuing in Evanston.”


“We are grateful for the support from Dr. Phillips, President Schapiro and the

University,” Drohan said. “Their investment in our program is remarkable and

allows us to create an environment of excellence every day in the classroom, at

practice and once the first pitch of the season is thrown. Our individual and

collective commitment to return to Oklahoma City and the Women’s College World

Series is what it means to wear Purple.”


After 12 seasons at the helm of the ‘Cats, Drohan’s career record of 417-228-1

gives her a .646 winning percentage. NU has reached the Super Regional round of

the NCAA Tournament four times under the Drohans and became the first private

school in NCAA history to advance to the Women’s College World Series semifinals

in consecutive years (2006-07). That trademark postseason success has led to a

27-19 all-time record in eight appearances, including a winning 5-4 mark at the



Big Ten dominance also has become one of the Drohans’ hallmarks. The ‘Cats have

captured two Big Ten regular season titles while also winning a Big Ten

Tournament title in 2008, the last year for the event before it was brought back

in 2013. The Drohans’ career conference record is 152-81, buoyed by NU leading

the Big Ten in total league victories four times during their tenure.


Members of the 2006 Speedline/NFCA National Coaching Staff of the Year, the

Drohans have coached individual Wildcats to 14 All-America and 65 All-Big Ten

honors since 2002. Eight former Wildcats have gone on to play in National

Professional Fastpitch, three have played a part in the U.S. National Team

program and countless others have gone on to diverse and impactful professional

careers in industries spanning the globe. Drohan herself was a member of the

U.S. National Team coaching pool from 2009-12.


In 2013, Northwestern earned a program-record 11 Academic All-Big Ten awards

while junior Marisa Bast won the eighth Capital One Academic All-America honor

in program history. NU also played a large role in community service initiatives

to benefit area organizations such as the Hunger Resource Network and NU women’s

swimming and diving’s “Breaststroke 4 Breast Cancer”.


A much respected and sought-after clinician, Drohan has delivered lectures to

players, coaches and students of the game across the country. Beyond the

softball arena, the business community has shown a strong interest in the

leadership tools Drohan has developed within the program, leading to speaking

engagements in the management world as well.