Run Faster, Boost Your Power

You probably want enhanced performances and you want them now. But you do have to keep in mind that you will have to struggle a little to get to the speeds you have been dreaming of for a while now. So start with the basics and run your way all the way up to the top. It is highly recommended to weight yourself before you start putting your plan into practice, also, make sure you measure your body fat, so you will be able to carefully track your progress. You will gain a better psychological motivation, which will aid you enormously.


Boost Your Leg Strength


By doing this, you will manage to get the basic foundation your fitness level is going to need to start running faster. Run for the hills – run upwards and build leg muscle strength at least once a week. Run 30 up to 60 seconds and maintain a certain relaxation level while you are climbing those hills. Finding several hills for your weekly raining will soon do wonders for your legs. Also, remember to keep your shoulders down and your gaze looking straight ahead. While going down the hill, do not lean back, braking, hence avoid potential risks. Look for hills that are even more demanding as time goes by and you feel you are ready for the next challenge.


Don’t Play The Superhero


In case you have missed your regular weekly running session, do not try to recuperate the following week by trying to cram it all in. You will end up getting injured; instead, try to do everything in your power to stick to your regular running routines – skipping one workout is not going to break your fitness, so focus on accumulating sufficient fitness impact over the course of several months – that’s the effort you are going to want to concentrate on.


Find the Right Running Tracks


Try to locate a suitable running track or a simple flat surface that is about 400 meters long and use a chronometer to see how fast you currently are at the moment, and how much of a progress you have managed to make. You could find a school track nearby, as they are normally open to the public; if you cannot use a running track, you can always sue your home treadmill to boost your running speed. If you would rather run in the streets, make sure you stay away from curbed streets. Play some Casino games while waiting for your body to recuperate for your next run, get the welcome bonus and play your favorite games as a means of relaxation or of winning extra money.


Schedule everything carefully, decide upon 3, 4, or even 5 running sessions each week and set some higher goals each passing week or so. Run X miles in X minutes; a mile in 8 minutes is one good starting point. Then, as time goes by, work at running a mile in 7 minutes and so on. Try to focus on making more steps in 60 seconds and work towards reaching 180 steps per minute – this is the cadence that the best runners in the world are using, so don’t feel too discouraged if you won’t succeed.


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