Softball, Baseball… Inseparaball

Less known around the world than baseball, softball is one of the games that have a troubled but fascinating history behind them. This game was born after a Harvard-Yale football game that took place in 1887. At the end of the game, one of the twenty boys present threw a boxing glove toward another one and the latter reacted by hitting it with a pole. Two years later, this sequence of events would be turned into an official sport with preset rules and a league of its own. Today, softball is yet to come out of the shadow of baseball, with even the best softball club, O.C. Batbusters, which is like 888 Casino in the gambling world, for instance, still not being too well-known outside of the softball world. The same holds true for numerous softball personalities.

Famous figures in the recent history of softball

Similarly to gambling, the game of softball has also given many female personalities. In fact, a great part of the success softball enjoys today is due to the women who kept baseball alive during WWII. The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League was founded by Phillip Wrigley in 1943 and carried the sport on its shoulders while the men, including the baseball stars, were fighting overseas. Many American players were then forced to switch from softball to hardball.
Moving back to more recent times, some of the latest personalities of this sport include names like Michele Mary Smith, Cat Osterman or Dot Richardson. However, also as in the case of gambling, many of these personalities are only known by a very limited part of the world. Michele Smith started her softball career at the age of five and has played for NJ Belles, Redding Rebels and WPSL Gold. She was also the first foreign player to make it on the Japan Softball Magazine cover and constant presence in the USA national team. Cat Osterman was the top name in the National Pro Fast Pitch softball league in 2006 and was chosen to play for the Connecticut Brakettes. However, she declined the offer and signed with the Rockford Thunder a year later. Finally, Dot Richardson marked her name in history at the age of thirteen, when she became the youngest female to play in the Women’s Major Fast Pitch National Championship. What followed after that was a brilliant career.

Memorable scandals in baseball

Since reference has been made to gambling as a phenomenon that bears quite some resemblance to softball on some levels and to baseball as the older cousin of softball, it should be noted that the two sports have had their share of gambling scandals too, like many other sports. Similarly to the vast majority of such scandals that have broken over time, they did not involve players betting on casino games, but mostly players betting against their own teams. One of the best known revolved around baseball player Peter Rose back in 1989, when evidence of his betting for the 1895-1987 seasons was provided. This evidence caused him to be excluded from the baseball league for life and discussions on this decision have continued ever since. Another scandal revolved around the 1919 Chicago White Sox team, whose players accepted to let the Cincinnati Reds win the series for a sum of 100,000 dollars. Eight of them were also excluded from the baseball league for life as a result of their actions.

However, the image of baseball has been cleared despite these controversial events and many other similar ones. In fact, there probably have been too many such scandals in the world of sports over time for them to have the same devastating impact. It is almost as if gambling, alcohol, drugs and cheating had become integral parts of the worlds of sport games, casino games and not only. And since reference has been made to gambling, casino games and 888 Casino by comparison with the O.C. Batbusters softball club, those interested in the subject can have a look around here.

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