SPY wants your input!

There are big changes coming to SPY – namely a site re-design – and I (Allison) want to know what you’d like to see improved and added.  Some of the changes I’m already working on include:

  • Better, easier to navigate user interface
    • New posts will be on the main page, with individual pages for the SPY calendar, photo albums, special editorials, and more
    • Posts will be categorized and tagged to make it easier for you to find related content
    • One of the things Rayburn’s been wanting to do for years is to be able to easily add photos to his posts, and I’m setting him up to do just that.  There will still be a dedicated page for photo albums, but there will also be photos embedded into individual posts.
  • Comments
    • If my dad’s inbox is any indication, there’s a lot of discussion about the news on SPY that occurs after reading the daily posts.  We’d like to introduce the ability to comment on individual posts, with those comments moderated to ensure the content on SPY remains positive, softball-focused (for the most part), and – most importantly – appropriate for SPY readers of all ages.

Those are the “biggies,” but I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions for changes that would make SPY better for you.  One thing in particular that’s been on my mind is recruiting… what ideas do you have to make this aspect of SPY more effective for both coaches and players?  Rayburn doesn’t recommend players he hasn’t personally seen, so we won’t be making any changes that go against that standard, but perhaps there’s a way to better organize things like commitments and unsigned seniors.

Please email me at allisonhesse@yahoo.com with your suggestions! Rayburn’s inbox is overloaded, as is, so please keep all site re-design related emails separate from other communication you have with him.

Thanks so much in advance.  I can’t stress enough how excited we are about giving you a new and improved SPY experience.

-Allison (Rayburn’s daughter)

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