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NCAA individual & team stats 4-24-2011 have been posted
NCAA RPI stats 4-24-2011  have been posted
Conference standings 4-24-2011  have been posted   

TOP 25
ESPN/USA Softball Poll 4-26-2011  

 1. Arizona State def Oregon State  7-1

2. Michigan def Wisconsin  2-1   

3. Texas def Oklahoma  5-3

4. Georgia upset by  Auburn  3-2

5. Tennessee def Arkansas  9-1 (5)

6. Alabama vs Kentucky cancelled  

7. Florida def South Carolina  6-1   

8. Missouri vs Oklahoma State //rained out   

9. California def UCLA  2-1   

10. Arizona def Oregon  7-6

11. UCLA def by California  2-1

12. Washington def by  Stanford  3-1  

13. Stanford def Washington  3-1

14. Oklahoma def by  Texas  5-3

15. Kentucky vs Alabama cancelled  

16. Oregon def by  Arizona 7-6  

17. T Baylor def Iowa State  10-1 

17. T Oklahoma State vs Missouri //rained out 

19. Nebraska  upset by Texas Tech   5-0

20. Georgia Tech def Boston College  9-7 

21. Texas A&M def Kansas  13-0 (5)

22. Notre Dame def St John’s 14-0   

23. LSU def Mississippi State 3-1  

24. ULL def Western Kentucky  10-0 (5) 

25. Fresno State   

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Notre Dame 14, St. John’s 0 (5).  Valdivia was 2 walks shy of a perfect game. Bottom 1st: Maldonado, Clay walked; one out, Maldonado scored on Miller sac fly.  Irish 2nd: Jorgensborg scored on error.  Notre Dame scored 6 runs in 3rd: bases loaded, Clay scored on Pitzenberger sac fly; Torres scored on passed ball; Jorgensborg rbi double; Beza relieved Lawrence. Marrone doubled in 2 runs; 2 out, Maldonado rbi double; 6 runs on 3 hits.  Irish 4th: another 6 on the board.  One out, Pitzenberger and Fleury singled, Rodgers relieved Beza; bases loaded, Marrone 2-run single; Valdivia rbi groundout; Maldonado rbi double; Clay rbi double; Johnson rbi sinkgle; Beza back to the circle.  Irish 14 runs on 9 hits.  Notre Dame 38-8/14-1.  St John’s 19-30/6-12.
  Florida 6,  South Carolina 1.  Schutte jacked 2-run homer top 1st. Moultrie opened Gator 3rd with homer; Borchardt relieved Broyles.  Bruder doubled, Schutte given pass; DeFelice reached on error at 3rd, Bruder scored on error by shortstop.  Top 4th: Sarratt relieved Borchardt. Bottom: Mendes doubled, Westfall sacrificed, Hathorn singled, Milks singled; two out, Mendes scored.  Gator 6th: DeFelice singled, Coyle homered.  Florida 42-8/17-7. SC 25-26/8-18.
  Tennessee 9, Arkansas 1 (5).  With the tournament in Oxford less than 2 weeks away, the Vols are hitting their stride. Rambo walked and scored on Robison’s bases-loaded walk in the 1st, but that was the high point of the Lady Backs offense.  Tennessee took charge in the 2nd; Gibson led with a single, Spigner singled; with 2 out, Gibson scored when Shipman reached onan error.  Andrews walked, loading the bases; Chvanne racked a 3-run double.  Dotson doubled, rbi; Gibson and Spigner walked to lead the Vols 3rd; Gibson scored on Davins sac fly.  Tennessee reached the run-rule margin with Gibson’s 3-run homer in the 4th. Tennessee is 44-7/20-5.  Arkansas 13-38/3-23.
 Texas A&M 13,  Kansas 0 (5).  The Aggies pelted the Jayhawks with 4 home runs — a solo by Tysarczk, a 2-run blast by Garza, a 3-run dinger by Dumezich, a 3-run shot by Spittler.  Texas A&M is 36-18.  Kansas is 31-22.
Texas 5, Oklahoma 3.  In Saturday night’s televised game, Ricketts drove in 2 runs and handcuffed the Horns until the bottom of the 7th when Hoagland hit a 2-run homer.  Today, Texas reversed course.  OU began the same way, with Shults driving in Jones top 1st for a 1-0 lead.  Bottom 2nd: Texas tied when Craig, who had walked, scored on a wild pitch.  The Sooners loaded the bases in the 3rd: Martinez singled, Shults and Ricketts walked; with 2 out, Dobbs singled, rbi
, but 3 Sooners were left on base.  Texas 3rd: Hoagland led with a home run; Washington and Thom singled; both advanced on Hooks’ sacrifice, Washinngton scoring; Thom scored on a wild pitch; Taylor singled, 3 runs on 4 hits.  OU 4th: Henson sikngled, two out, Jones singled, Henson scored on a fielding error in right field. One out in the Horns 5th: Craig homered.  Texas 44-5/13-1.  Oklahoma 35-16/8-8.
  Indiana 5, Iowa 0.  The Hoosiers, competing strongly for the top run in the Big Ten, are a different team thanks to Melloh.  Indiana scored bottom 1st; Saucedo struck out but reached on a wild pitch; Wagner walked, Saucedo scored on a throwing error by the catcher.  Melloh struck out 2 batters in each of the first four innings.  Bottom 4th: Olson doubled, pinch runner Brannon advanced on a wild pitch, scored when Melloh reached on an error.  Olson jacked a 2-run homer in the 5th; Berenter scored the final run on Abraham’s single.  Melloh struck out 2 batters in the 5th, 6th, and 7th.  Indiana 34-15/14-2. Iowa 26-21/8-8.
Michigan 2, Wisconsin 1.  Wolverines outhit Wisconsin 12-6, but it was no walk in the park, starting with the 1st when Sappingfield singled but Darrah struck out the side.  Bottom 1st: Massel doubled; Krueger was hbp.  Powell singled; Massel was out at 3rd in a Shakesperean-length rundown: 8-6-3-4-2-6-4-5.  Taylor relieved Speierman.  Krueger scored on Blackshear’s sac fly.  Wisconsin made that run hold up until top 5th — although UM stranded runners in each inning.  Top 5th: One out, Doyle, Evans singled.  Two out, Doyle scored on Ryan single.  Evans scored on Chidester single.  Michigan stranded 2 runners in the 6th and again in the 7th.  Michigan 44-4.  Wisconsin 28-21.
Arizona 7, Oregon 6.  A hit parade: Ducks slammed 2 homers off Babcock, Wilcats 1 off Moore.  Another lineup shuffle worked for the Wildcats who scored 3 runs bottom 1st.  Lastrapes walked, Schutzler singled, Del Ponte’s fielder’s choice forced Lastrapes at 3rd; Chambers lofted a 3-run homer.  Wildcats surged to 5-0 in 2nd on Schutzler’s 2-run double.  Ducks closed gap with Fulava’s 3-run shot top 4th.  Arizona lost 2 runners on force plays bottom 4th but added 2 more runs on Arriola’s 2-run single.  Ducks loaded bases top 5th, rbi’s by Howard and Pappas narrowed the Arizona lead, 7-5.  But Oregon left the bases full.  Cuico hit a homer to open the Oregon 6th; but the Ducks again left 2 runners.  Pappas led the Ducks’ 7th with a single; but Fulava grouind into a double play.  Babcock struck out Cuico to end the game.  Arizona 36-11/8-7.  Oregon 36-14/7-8.
Stanford 3, Washington 1.  Cardinal loaded the bases, one out, in 2nd;  Koutz scored on Hassman single.  The advantage grew to 3-0 in 4th; Gerhart, Hassman and Hansen singled, loading the bases; Rich walked, rbi; Prong reached on fielder’s choice, Hassman scored.  Two were left.  The Huskies scored top 6th; Stuart singled; one out, Pohlman singled, Stuart scored on Salling sac fly.  Washington 32-10/7-8.  Stanford 35-11/8-7.
California 2, UCLA 1.  Swept by the Bears, the Bruins have lost 4 in a row.  Tight game; no score until UCLA posted one top 6th.  Harrison singled; with 2 out. pinch runner Lindvall scored on an error at short.  Cal 6th: one out, J Reid and Vonk singled; Williams doubled.  Reid scored, Vonk out at home.  Bruins 7th: one out, Schroeder was hbp; two out, DiSalvatore reached on an error at short.  Both advanced on a passed ball.  Harrison lined out.  Cal 7th: on eout, Decker reached on an error at 2nd; Wallace walked; two out, E Reid hbp, loading the bases.  J Reid singled in the winner.  Cal 34-9.  UCLA 31-13.
Arizona State 7, Oregon State 1.  Bottom 1st: Boyd walked, Rogers singled, Castillo sacrificed, Boyd scored on Donnenwirth groundout.  ASU 2nd: Parlich, Urfer singled, Johnson sacrificed, Haro singled, rbi; Boyd singled, rbi; runners advanced on wild pitch, Haro scored on Rogers groundout.  Sun Devils 4th: Boyd walked, Rogers singled, Castillo ground out, Boyd scored on wild pitch.  Top 6th: one out, Hall homered for the Beavers.  ASU scored twice ikn bottom: two out, Lockwood reached on an error; Parlich 2-run homer.  ASUis #1 in polls, and well ahead in Pac 10.  45-5/12-3.  OregonState 18-22/1-14.
Auburn 3, Georgia 2.  Auburn took the series from the Bulldogs, who were once ranked #1, on a tie-breaking run bottom 6th.  Two out, top 1st, Hesson jacked a 2-run Bulldog  homer.  Auburn 1st: Estell doubled;after a double play eliminated a second runner, Estell scored on Cartwright single.  Auburn 3rd: Estell was hbp with one out; Guzman singled, White reached on an error at short, Estell scoring the tying run.  Owen relieved Montemayor.  Auburn 6th: Cartwright doubled, Schultze sacrificed, Cartwrigth scored on Smiley single.  Two out, top 7th, Wiggins tripled, out at home 8-6-5-4-2. Georgia 42-9/15-8.  Auburn, which has been in and out of Top 25 rankings, 36-15/13-12.
LSU 3, Mississippi State 1.  Strong outing for Brittany Mack, who retired 18 of the first 22 batters, and had 10Ks. One out in 1st, Santos tripled, Anissa Young jacked a 2-run homer. LSU 7th: Russell led with a single, Blades doubled.  Two batters later, pinch runner Trosclair scored on Heyward’s sac fly.  A walk, a single, and a wild pitch sent the tying run to the plate; the Bulldogs scored on Raines groundout.  The loss dropped MSU to 23-29/9-16 but Florida’s win over South Carolina clinched the eighth seed for the Bulldogs in the SEC tournament May 12-14 in Oxford.  LSU is 35-15/16-9. 



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Georgia Tech 9, Boston College 7
WP Hope Rush  LP Allison Gage  S Lindsey Anderson  

Virginia 1,  North Carolina State 0
WP Melanie Mitchell 3H.  LP Kayla Cox
Williams scored top 6th on Bowdren single

Maryland 2,  Virginia Tech 0
WP Kerry Hickey 2-hitter. LP Jasmin Harrell 

America East   

Boston 7, Albany 0  

Binghamton 9,  Stony Brook 8  

UMBC 4, Hartford 0  

Atlantic 10   

Massachusetts 9, La Salle 2
WP Sara Plourde 2-hitter, 18K.1HR.  LP DJ Guinn  

Massachusetts 8, La Salle 0
WP Sara Plourde Perfect Game 8K LP Laura McCreesh  

Fordham 9, Rhode Island 3
WP Chelsea Plimpton.  LP Cassie Basker  

Fordham 6,  Rhode Island 1
WP Jen Mineau 2-hitter, 8K.  LP Sam Bedore  

St Bonaventure 4, Temple 3  
Temple 6,  St. Bonaventure 3  

Big 10   

Purdue vs Penn State 0-0 tie (8)  

Indiana 5, Iowa 0
WP Morgan Melloh 1-hitter. 14K. LP Chelsea Lyon

 Michigan 2,  Wisconsin 1
WP Jordan Taylor 11k.  LP Cassandra Darrah 

Michigan State 12,  Minnesota 2 (5)  

Illinois 5, Northwestern 3  

Big 12   

Baylor 10,  Iowa State 1
WP Whitney Canion.  LP Breanna Holliday  

Missouri vs Oklahoma State //rained out  

Texas A&M 13,  Kansas 0 (5)
WP Melissa Dumezich 3-hitter.  LP Allie Clark  

 Texas Tech 5,  Nebraska 0
WP Brittany Talley.  LP Ashley Hagemann  

Texas 5, Oklahoma 3
WP Blaire Luna 6H.  LP Keilani Ricketts 6H,1HR  

Big East   

Notre Dame 14, St. John’s 0 (5)
WP Jody Valdivia No Hitter . LP Kat Lawrence 

Georgetown 8,  Providence 5
WP Melissa Conners.  LP Connie Clauss  

Syracuse 8,  Seton Hall 0
WP Jenna Caira 2H,8K.  LP Brooke Tull  

Pittsburgh 9, Rutgers 3  

DePaul 2, Connecticut 1
WP Kirsten Verdun  LP Kiki Saveriano  S Lindsey Dean  

Big South   

Gardner-Webb 8, Coastal Carolina 7  

Presbyterian 2, Liberty 1  

Big West   

CS Fullerton 8,  Pacific 1  

CS Northridge 7, Cal Poly 5  

UC Davis 3,  UC Riverside 2  

Long Beach State 3, UC Santa Barbara 2  


Drexel 8, Delaware 3  

Hofstra 5,  UNC-Wilmington 1
WP Olivia Galati  3H,8K.  LP Samme Lisowsky  

George Mason 4,  Georgia State 2  

Towson 2, James Madison 1  

Conference USA  

 Houston 5, East Carolina 3  

Central Florida 7, Southern Mississippi 2  

UTEP vs Marshall//8-8 tie after 6  

UAB vs Memphis 1:00 PM Memphis, Tenn.//rained out  


Valparaiso 10,  Wisconsin-Green Bay 5  

Wright State 11,  Detroit 1  

Butler 2, Loyola 1  


Harvard swept Dartmouth 10-9, 10-1 (6)
Rachel Brown won both games  

Cornell 14, Princeton 1  
Princeton 12,  Cornell 2  


Akron 6, Buffalo 0  

Ohio vs Kent State 1:00 PM Kent, Ohio  

Miami 8,  Toledo 2  

Bowling Green 5, Ball State 4  

Central Michigan 11, Eastern Michigan 3 (5)  

Western Michigan 7, Northern Illinois 6 (9)

Metro Atlantic   

Marist swept  Niagara 13-12, 3-1 

Fairfield 3, Manhattan 1  
Manhattan 4,  Fairfield 3  

Iona swept  Rider 6-0, 2-1  


Delaware State 12, Hampton 1  

Coppin State 8, Maryland-Eastern Shore 3  

Morgan State 15,  Howard 9  

Norfolk State 9, North Carolina A&T 0 (6)  

Bethune-Cookman 6, Florida A&M 5  

Missouri Valley   

Indiana State 6, Creighton 2  

E$vansville 4, Bradley 2  

Illinois State 5, Southern Illinois 4  

Drake vs Missouri State 12:00 PM Springfield, Mo//rained out.  

Wichita State 5, Northern Iowa 3  


Sacred Heart swept  Bryant 3-2, 4-3 (10)  

Monmouth swept  Wagner 6-3 (10), 10-0 (5)  

Long Island 7,  Fairleigh Dickison 4 
Fairleigh Dickison 5, Long Island 3  

Central Connecticut swept  Mount St. Mary’s 8-7, 10-5  

Quinnipiac swept  Saint Francis 2-0, 11-3 (5)  

Ohio Valley  

Southeast Missouri vs Morehead State //rained out  

Tennessee State vs Murray State //rained out  

Tennessee Tech 3, Austin Peay 0  

Eastern Illinois 3, Jacksonville State 1  

Tennessee-Martin 2,  SIU-Edwardsville 1  


Arizona 7, Oregon 6
WP Shelby Babcock.  LP Jessica Moore  

Arizona State 7, Oregon State 1
  WP Dallas Escobedo 2H,7K,HR.  LP Tina Andreana

California 2, UCLA 1
WP Jolene Henderson 6H, 9K.  LP Donna Kerr 8H,7K.  

Stanford 3, Washington 1
WP Teagan Gerhart4H,8K.  LP Bryana Walker  


Pacific Coast   

Portland State swept  Northern Colorado 4-0, 10-2 (5)  

Idaho State 10, Seattle 1 (5)  
Seattle 11,  Idaho State 10  

San Diego swept Saint Mary’s 4- 1 , 8-0 (5)

Loyola Marymount 14, CS-Bakersfield 5  
Loyola Marymount 8, CS-Bakersfield 0  

Sacramento State swept  Santa Clara 4-1, 5-2 (8)  


Lehigh swept Holy Cross 5-4, 8-5  

Colgate 12, Lafayette 3  
Lafayette 4,  Colgate 3  

Bucknell 2,  Army 0  
Army 3, Bucknell 1  


Tennessee 9, Arkansas 1 (5)
WP Ivy Renfroe 1-hitter.  LP Kim Jones  

Florida 6,  South Carolina 1
WP Hannah Rogers  LP Audrey Broyles  

Auburn 3, Georgia 2
WP Angel Bunner.  2-hitter.  LP Alison Owen  

LSU 3,  Mississippi State 1
WP Brittany Mack.  LP Stephanie Becker  

Kentucky vs Alabama 1:30 PM Tuscaloosa, Ala.//cancelled  


Charleston 3, Western Carolina 2 

UNC Greensboro 3, Samford 2  

Chattanooga 5, Georgia Southern 3  


McNeese State 3, Texas-Arlington 2  

Sam Houston State 4, Southeastern Louisiana 3  

Northwestern State 5,  Nicholls State 2  

Central Arkansas 6,  Stephen F. Austin 4  


UMKC vs IUPUI 12:00 PM Indianapolis//rained out  

Sun Belt   

Florida International 3, South Alabama 1  

Louisiana-Lafayette 10, Western Kentucky 0
WP Ashley Brignac.  LP Mallorie Sulaski  

Troy vs North Texas 2:00 PM Denton, Texas//rained out  

Non-Conference Games   

South Carolina State 5, North Carolina Central 1 

Dayton swept Eastern Kentucky 8-7, 5-3  


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