The new SPY Softball is here!

Thank you for your patience the past few days as we worked to launch the all-new SPY Softball.  As promised, here are a few of the new features:

  • Better, easier to navigate user interface
    • New posts are now on the main page, with individual pages for the SPY calendar, photo albums, special editorials, and more
    • Posts are now categorized, making it easier to find related content
    • There is still a dedicated page for photo albums (see the menu bar above), but there will now also be photos embedded into individual posts.
  • Comments
    • You can now contribute to SPY by adding your comments!  When viewing a story on the home page, simply click the responses link in the top right corner, underneath the story’s title.  Please note: comments are moderated to ensure the content on SPY remains positive, softball-focused (for the most part), and – most importantly – appropriate for SPY readers of all ages.

We are hoping to bring you additional features in the future, including a recruiting database and tracker for both commitments and unsigned seniors.  Let us know what you think of the new site, and thanks again for your patience and continued support!!

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