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Emma Johnson 2011 Ohio Lasers White – Pitcher to Kent State University


Paige Compton
3.91 GPA
24 ACT
Top 95% of class
859-498-5743 home
859-274-5222 cell
2010 graduate
Steve Hall Coach WV Dusters 18u
407-913-3985  paigee_13@hotmail.com


Can’t say I admired Boise State when it pulled a hook-and-ladder, then a Statue of Liberty to beat Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl, but, with my partisan emotions banked, I very much enjoyed the fake punt which Boise State pulled off to advance toward the winning touchdown.  A great pass.

Unconventional plays can make a coach look like a genius, eg, Arizona’s delayed steal to defeat Texas in the WCWS (although Candrea doesn’t accept the “genius” label for what he calls a busted play).

If Belichek’s Patriots had succeeded on that 4th and 2 play, every sports writer would have lauded him.  If Zorn’s Redskins had succeeded on the fake field goal (instead of botching it horribly), sportswriters would have granted him some creds.  However, few are willing to cut the Colts’ Caldwell any slack for benching Peyton with the streak and history in the offing.


January 15-17, 2010 Buffalo, NY Homerun Softball Coaches clinic and Players clinic

April 24-25, 2010 Syracuse, NY Homerun Softball 12u & 14u Spring Tournament

Tuesday Night Homerun Softball 18u Summer Softball League Starts June 29th

June 28-July 1, 2010 Syracuse, NY Homerun Softball Day camp

July 6-7, 2010 Syracuse, NY Homerun Softball Showcase Training Camp

July 13-14, 2010 Buffalo, NY Homerun Softball Showcase Training Camp

July 19-22, 2010 Buffalo, NY Homerun Softball Team Camp

July 23-25 Buffalo, NY Homerun Softball 18u Showcase Tournament

August 9-12 Albany, NY Homerun Softball Team Camp

August 13-15 Albany, NY Homerun Softball 18u Showcase Tournament

August 16-19 Syracuse, NY Homerun Softball Day Camp

October 1, 2010 Buffalo, NY, Homerun Softball Showcase Training Camp

October 2-3, 2010 Buffalo, NY Homerun Softball 18U Fall Showcase Tournament

October 1, 2010 Allentown, PA, Homerun Softball Showcase Training camp

October 8, 2010 Syracuse, NY, Homerun Softball Showcase training camp

October 9-10, 2010 Syracuse, NY Homerun Softball 16U & 18U Showcase Tournament

October 11, 2010 Stony Brook University, NY Homerun Softball Showcase Training Camp (Columbus Day)

October 15, 2010 Albany, NY Homerun Softball Showcase Training Camp

October 16-17, 2010 Albany, NY Homerun Softball 18U Fall Showcase Tournament


A third uninvited guest made it to the dinner for the Indian PM.  Turns out that this Indian businessman was just as publicity hungry (and sneaky) as the Salahi’s and also went quickly to his Facebook to boast of his presence.

This is a two-dimensional affair.  The Twitterati/social circles still buzz about a local girl named Missy who created a woman  named Michaela with a fabricated  resume – she was  never a Redskin cheerleader, nor a Miss World or something – just a very skilled social climber who left a trail of bad debts overlaid with a cornucopia of publicity photos.

But more serious folks here know  there are so many ways to kill a President, a small aerosol device contains enough poison  to kill dozens, that a higher level of suspicion is warranted than that exhibited at the White House.  Now, there are renewed calls for Desiree Rogers to resign, and the press is unrelenting in its criticism of the Social Secretary who has more than once upstaged the First Lady.  Yet, her resignation is unlikely; chief of staff Rahm Emanuel wants to be governor of Illinois and Rogers has powerful political/social connections in Chicago.  That my friends is how Washington works.

Back in 1964, NY Democrats were anxious about Frank O’Connors chances of beating Rocky, even though LBJ and Bobby Kennedy were doing well in the polls in the city and upstate.  So an invitation-only strategy session was held at a hotel in upstate New York.  Assembly Speaker Tony Travia presided.  I sneaked  in with a group of Assemblymen and  took a seat in the last row, against the wall.  But, Toby Foote, an aide to RFK spotted me, then went up to the rostrum to tell Travia, who immediately announced , “There is a reporter in the room, and he must leave now.”  Seven  reporters stood up!

Less humorous was a conclave in Rome.  When I approached security, in the company of the US Ambassador and  the Assistant Secretary of State, Italian  security declared that “Mr Hesse” had already claimed his credentials and was seated.  Immediately, I thought of the CIA agent sent to the meeting, notoriously absent-minded.  I looked into the meeting room, and  there he was.  He came out, explaining he couldn’t remember who he was supposed to be (we had a unit at State which specialized in phony passports and supporting documents).  He blanched when told I was to be a speaker; had  no clue how he would have winged that, so he was sent home.

Red Neck Bank Loan

Never underestimate A Texas Redneck cowboy.

A Redneck from Sweetwater, Texas walked into a Bank in New York City and asked for the loan
Officer. He told the loan officer that he was going to Paris on an international redneck festival for
two weeks and needed to borrow $5,000 and that he was not a depositor of the bank.

The bank officer told him that the bank would need some form of security for the loan, so the
Redneck handed over the keys to a new Ferrari. The car was parked on the street in front of the bank. The
Redneck produced the title and everything checked Out. The loan officer agreed to hold the car as
Collateral for the loan and apologized for having To charge 12% interest.

Later, the bank’s president and its officers all enjoyed a good laugh At the Redneck from the south for using a $250,000 Ferrari as collateral for a $5,000 loan. An employee of The bank then drove the Ferrari into the bank’s Private underground garage and parked it.

Two weeks later, the Redneck Returned, repaid the $5,000 and the interest of $23.07.

The loan officer said, ‘Sir, we are very happy To have had your business, and this transaction has
Worked out very nicely, but we are a little puzzled.  While You were away, we checked you out on Dunn & Bradstreet and found that you are a highly Sophisticated investor and multimillionaire with Real estate and financial interests all Over the world. Your investments include a large number of wind turbines around Sweetwater, Texas. What puzzles Us is, why would you bother to borrow $5,000?

The good ‘ole Texas boy replied, ‘Where else in New York City can I park my car for Two weeks for only $23.07 and expect it to be there When I return?

His name was BUBBA….


True to form. Dan Snyder had Mike Shanhan flow to DC in Snyder’s private jet; he was driven to Snyder’s estate in Snyder’s Mercedes Maybach.  Arrogant little SOB flaunts his money.

Do the math. For Warren Beatty to rack up the 12,775 “scores” alleged in a new unauthorized biography, he would have to liase with a different woman every day for 365 days for every year age 19 to 54.

In praise of dandelions. Researchers have discovered  that certain varieties produce molecules of rubber, and two developmental programs in the USA and Germany are underway, seeking an alternative to the traditional rubber tree.  To date, other plants which yield rubber molecules have been too slow growing to be of use commercially, but, now, the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology in Aachen, Germany, have identified the genes that allow the hardy dandelion to produce rubber molecules, notably an enzyme called polyphenol-oxidase that makes rubbery sap coagulate.  Who knew?

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