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This note from NPF’s Cheri Kempf:

Please tune into the 2010 NPF College Senior Draft presented by Miken Sports on Wednesday night. It will be streamed live beginning at 8:00 p.m. EST via mlb.com and we will also be up to the moment on Facebook and Twitter. This is a big event for NPF and we’d like for you to join us by following the link below. Thank you!


Janie Takeda, OF, 2012, OC Batbusters Haning, verbal to Oregon

Wagner’s Gold  2011 Carissa Throckmorton SS/3B verbal commitment to the University of Pittsburgh

NJ Breakers Gold-Salvatore

Jessica Rappe – 2011 – IF/OF – Verbal to Virginia Tech

Valerie Cassell – 2012 – P/3B/1B – Verbal to College of Charleston

Francesca Carrullo 2011 P/INF Verbals to St Johns University

Carisa Cook 2010 INF / Signs to Lynn University

Oklahoma City University has signed Sydney Garcia of Moore, Okla. and Kelsey Link of Albuquerque, N.M. to its softball program.Garcia and Link are the first softball recruits to sign with OCU for the 2011 season.



My name is Elana Meyers and I will be representing the U.S. in the 2010 Olympics as a brakeman on the women’s bobsled team.  I will be moving to the driver’s seat soon, and I am starting a national search for brakeman.  Not only am I searching for brakeman, but our federation is searching for the next round of Olympians- as much of our current team will be moving on to other things.  I am emailing you asking for your help.  What I am looking for is strong, powerful, fast, and athletic women, as these are the qualities that make a successful brakeman (ANY AGE!).  We can teach anyone how to bobsled!  I played softball in college, while other athletes have played soccer, rubgy, and ran track, so I am looking for women from a variety of sports.  Bobsled is a sport where the majority of competitors get into the sport later, and our Jr. National team is considered anyone 26 and under!  Bobsled is a great opportunity to travel around the world, meet new people, and represent your country in one of the greatest winter sports!

I am looking for brakeman for women’s bobsled.  Coming from a softball background and now being an Olympian, I know that softball players are capable of converting to the sport of bobsled.  I am searching nationwide for brakeman for the 2014 games, and I was wondering if you can pass this message on to the softball community.  If you know of anyone- or can think of anyone that may be interested in trying a different sport, could you please forward on to them the email below?  With softball being taken out of the games- it is a great opportunity for women to still live their dreams and go to the games.  Please note- we are mostly looking for women who have completed their collegiate playing careers.  Bobsled is typically a sport for those who have finished college- and with their being limited opportunities now to play professionally, this could be another avenue to continue to their athletic careers.  Please let me know if there is any way you could help or if you’re willing to pass this email along.

Thank you for your time!

Have a great day!

Elana A Meyers

2010 Olympian

USA Bobsled


Not everyone is ridiculing Lane Kiffin for offering a scholarship to Delaware’s 13 year old  David Sills.  A sportwriter who has seen the promotional tape of the 6’ quarter back says Kiffin outsmarted his colleagues.  More on this tomorrow.


As part of its runup to the Academy Awards on March 7, TCM is featuring films from more than 50 years, including one of my favorites, The Seventh Cross. A gripping tale of seven Germans who opposed Hitler politically in 1936, were imprisoned and escaped.  Six were captured almost immediately and  hung on crosses.  The seventh, George Heisler, brilliantly portrayed by Spencer Tracy, escaped to Holland with the aid of a coterie of old friends and like-minded Germans.  The film, made in 1944, is notable because it is among the first cinematic exposes of the Third Reich’s concentration camps and the persecution of Jews.  The film is also notable for its outstanding cast.  A young, very beautiful Jessica Tandy and her husband, Hume Cronyn, had leading roles, as did the outstanding Swedish actress Signe Hasso.

When I first saw this film many years ago, I discussed the story with an Auschwitz survivor, with a focus on those Germans who refused to oppose Hitler, and would not help Heisler.  He told me a story:  first, they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew and did not protest, Then they came for the gypsies and homosexuals, but I was neither and did not protest.  Then they came for the intellectuals from the universities and I did not protest.  Then they came for me, and there was no one left to protest.


One of the great American sagas: engineers for the Central Pacific and Union Pacific, starting thousands of miles apart, nevertheless finally met at the designated spot in Utah, a perfect connection.  On Saturday, after our historic snowfall, the divorcees living on either side of me shoveled their walks, and decided to shovel most of my walk.  Problem: their lines were not contiguous but parallel, five feet apart.  But, they’re great gals and terrific neighbors.  One shoveled several feet of my walk (still took 4 hours to clean my front stairs and walk) and the other neighbor cleaned off my older car in the back and dug a path around it, while I dug a path from the back door to the street behind me so that my little dog could run and do her business.  Eight hours behind the shovel — and tonight we get to do it all again!  Had planned to attend the NPF draft but my street has not been plowed, and last night Southwest cancelled all of its flights for Tuesday and Wednesday.  So I will monitor via the Internet.  Appreciated the invite.

Nor Cal Womens Fastpitch Softball Leagues

Organization meeting: When:       February 21, 2010  Time:        1:00 PM
Location:    La Sierra Community Center, 5325 Engle Road, Carmichael, CA
Purpose:    Sign Up for league Play; Meet Players; Join a Team; Form a Team; Make Friends;, CA 95608

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