Update 3-11-10


(note from Premier Fastpitch)

ESPN Rise/Premier Tournament Qualifiers

We will post a complete list of the rules and policies for the qualifiers by next week but in answer to a couple questions I have received…

Any non-invited, not previously qualified team may play in any qualifier or any number of qualifiers.

There is no roster limit, awards will limited to 20.

Once a team has qualified, no player from that team may play on another team, invited team or qualified/qualifying team. Players listed on the roster of an invited team prior to the July 18 deadline may play in a qualifier for another team but if that team qualifies the player can no longer play for the invited team.

The roster deadline for invited and qualifying teams will be July 18 and no players can be added after that date.

HS Division players must show a 2010 HS picture ID or acceptable substitute such as a DL and school transcript. We realize there are some unusual circumstances as to graduating early, home schooling and so on, those cases will be handled as they arise. Unusual circumstances must be resolved before the first day of any qualifying tournament or the National Tournament.
it is the responsibility of the team and its coaches to make the tournament director aware of special circumstances well prior to any tournament.

Please bear with us as we go on, much of this new ground and while we have spent a lot of time thinking things through, we all realize there will be some things that we missed.

All pitching will at 43′.

After quite a bit of consideration we have decided to use High School Federation Rules instead of NCAA Rules. There will be some exceptions, pitchers will NOT be allowed to step backwards with their stride foot being the most significant


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