ESPN Rise Hosts Premier Tournament

ESPN Rise Hosts Premier Tournament

ESPN RISE is proud to announce the inaugural ESPN RISE National Fastpitch Championship August 9-14, 2010. The tournament will be held in Southern California in three locations: Huntington Beach Sports Complex (Huntington Beach, Calif.), Mile Square Park (Fountain Valley, Calif.), and Bill Barber Park (Irvine, Calif.).

There will be two tournaments, a 16U division and a High School Division (18U). The High School Division Tournament (18U) will be 74 teams comprised of 52 invitees, 2 host teams and 20 teams that qualify, 4 each from 5 qualifying tournaments. The 16U Division will be 48 teams, 16 teams have accepted invitations, we will invite 4 more teams and the rest will qualify. There will be a total of 120 teams present and approximately 3,000 athletes from the ages of 14-18.

Premier Girls Fastpitch Inc. will operate five qualifying events around the country for teams to compete for a berth to the national championship. The qualifiers will be:

  • Southeast Qualifier
    • June 11-13
    • 16U and 18U
    • ESPN Wide World of Sports (Kissimmee, Fla.)
  • Midwest Qualifier
    • June 18-20
    • 16U Ben Davis Sports Complex (Indianapolis, Ind.)
    • 18U Midwest Sports Complex (Indianapolis, Ind.) (revised field location)
  • Texas Qualifier
    • June 4-6
    • 16U and 18U
    • AE Dyess Park (Cypress, Texas)
  • Northern California Qualifier
    • June 25-27
    • 16U Tournament
    • Arnaiz Park, McNair Park, Louis Park (Stockton, Calif.)
  • Southern California Qualifier
    • 16U Tournament – Location TBD (Hemet, Calif.)
    • 18U Tournament – Mile Square Park (Fountain Valley, Calif.)
  • Northeast Qualifier
    • July 16-18
    • 16U Tournament – Ponytail Park (South Plainfield, NJ)
    • 18U Tournament – Edison Angels Complex (Edison, NJ)

*SPY Note: Premier Girls Fastpitch Inc is the organization founded by Gary Haning, Dan Hay, Bruce Richardson, Don Minard and others.

A note from ESPN Rise

Dear Coach,

In response to my last email I have received a few questions regarding ESPN RISE, Premier Girls Fastpitch Inc. (PGF) and the tournament registration link.

ESPN RISE is dedicated to celebrating the high school athlete. In the last five years ESPN RISE has been committed to softball, which has grown tremendously in the high school space.

With that in mind, ESPN RISE has aligned itself with PGF in order to develop a national tournament that best serves athletes, college and club coaches, and fans.

ESPN RISE will continue to work with PGF and other influential individuals in the softball world to ensure the authenticity and credibility of this event.

It has also been brought to my attention that the link to the event web page provided in the last email is not working properly. Below is the updated link for tournament registration.

Feel free to call me with any questions.

Thank you,

Garland Cooper

4 thoughts on “ESPN Rise Hosts Premier Tournament

  1. Rayburn Post author

    Thank you for the additional info. The post has now been revised to include both field locations.

  2. Sharon

    It is fair to only have prequalified certain teams and everyone has to pay and try to compete for a slot wouldn’t it have been more fair to have had a draw to select teams to start the premier instead of the old buddy system. Can’t believe ESPN would sponsor such an event.

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